New GTA in E3 2010?

We just literally heard Jesse Divinich predict the decline of video game releases on retail. Now, he's got a few more predictions up his sleeve, this time targeting Grand Theft Auto. If his crystal ball turns out right, we just might see another GTA title come June, at next year's E3.

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stonecold12840d ago

exclusive please rockstar 360 will hold development back end of statment

George Sears2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Yes because alienating 5+million or so potential costumers that already purchased GTAIV for the 360 would be a smart move by R*

swiftshot932840d ago

I think that GTA is the kind of game where the quality and value will have those 5+million potential customers purchase the game no matter what, even if it means buying a new console.

HighDefinition2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Losing half of your HARDCORE fanbase, making a game that`s smaller and has less to do then your previous last gen games (VC,SA) isn`t the smartest business move either for the future of your money maker. I`m just saying a PS3 exclusive GTA would be better in a lot of ways for the ACTUAL game due to the fact the PS3 is 1.More powerful than the 360 2. Has 10x the ammount of storage space. Wouldn`t you agree? Will it happen probaly not, would it benefit the SERIES in the end....absolutely. Which in a nut shell is why MS is amazingly stupid for not having BR and kinda stunted the potetial of this gen.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Rockstar is making Agent exclusive for PS3.

That means they can take their time to develop better, and that will be much better than GTA V.

ape0072840d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

but AMAZING looking HUGE games are achievable on 360, look at Red dead redemption, Rage, gears of war 3, halo reach, Brink, alan wake, crysis 2 and mass effect 2 and then compare the ps3 exclusives, 360 exclusives and multiplatform games together in terms of scope and length compare the average gameplay hours,scale in gfx, they are in the same league(except some ps3 exclusives out-edge others in gfx)

the whole point is that there are many factors affecting the game development, a LOOOT, you guys just think blu-ray blu-ray, look at warhawk, infamous is on blu ray but the game world is no where as detailed as gta 4 or how much content it have, motor storm is on blu-ray and burnout paradise is on dvd, burnout is much better and got bigger world, an amazing game that's simply achievable on dvd, don't get me wrong I know it have the potential to be bigger on blu-ray, no one can deny that but that's not the whole case, there are many other priorities and sources in making videogame project

you guys are exaggerating the gap between the two consoles, you make it sound like a day and night difference, you always act like how games are gimped because of 360 and how it "ruined this generation" as some says this and that

I hope you get it

edit: phantom disagree are at it again, looks like there is no way to make a rational discussion in here

HighDefinition2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I own PS3 and 360 like you and you like I know, whatever the 360 can do the PS3 can do better. It`s really that simple. Heavenly Sword an Lair looks better than any current 360 title for crying out loud.

Edit: I didn`t say "ruined" I said "stunted"

Don`t argue with me, Argue w/ R*

"In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Rockstar creative VP Dan Houser was asked, "On PS3 you've got a guarantee that every machine is going to have a hard-drive and, with Blu-ray, you've got plenty of storage, whereas on Xbox 360 there's no guarantee of a hard-drive and you're working with the DVD format. Does that create limitations?" His answer? "Yep."

So you were saying????

poindat2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I don't understand why people are disagreeing with you, Ape. You do have a very valid point, albeit a point that requires some concessions.

Obviously, at the moment, massive game worlds and the such are more than achievable on the 360. Compression techniques are ever advancing, and when even those fail there is the possibility of multiple disks (as much as I hate multiple disks). Maybe not 100% satisfying, but it certainly is possible. The examples of games you mentioned do a very fine job at keeping up with the PS3 side of things in terms of scope. Hour-for-hour, map-by-map, 360 exclusives are no less than equal to those of the PS3, and obviously the multiplatform titles show no damning disparities.

NOW, the bad news. First of all, I believe that the PS3 can certainly out-do the 360 in terms of graphics, if the system's capabilities are properly utilized. But then again, perhaps the 360 itself has not been realized to its full capabilities, I don't know. What I do know is that I am still waiting for a 360 game to be able to rival games such as Killzone and Uncharted, so I am basing my view on that.

Second, game sizes will continue to grow. As the games get larger, more detailed, and prettier, they will require more disk space. Eventually, it WILL get to the point where compression will not be effective enough and multiple disks will start becoming common (and ridiculous). It will happen; but it is not happening now. And that is where you are correct: right now, the 360 and PS3 are about neck and neck in what they are achieving. The difference are, as you said, greatly exaggerated. But in the future -- when, I do not know -- those exaggerations may very well become reality.

Well, I hope that I have provided a more substantial and intelligent post than HighDefinition, above me, did. I swear, I almost threw up in my mouth when I read that.

Kratos Spartan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

can be achievable on the 360, but even bigger games can be created on the PS3. It's just that simple.

Like it or not, If a Dev wants to make a multiplatform game, they have no choice but to think of the DVD9 first. They can't envision something on Blu-Ray and then wonder how they could fit it on a DVD. Multiple Disk? It's just not reasonable in 2010. It could work, but c'mon people...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

''the whole point is that there are many factors affecting the game development, a LOOOT, you guys just think blu-ray blu-ray, look at warhawk, infamous is on blu ray but the game world is no where as detailed as gta 4 or how much content it have, motor storm is on blu-ray a''

So you think the Graphics are maded by the Blu ray?

Or you forget that Agent, an exclusive for PS3 from Rockstar, will take much better performance than any other GTA, not even GTA V will take that performance that Agent will take for the PS3. Developed by Rockstar.

And yes, the gap is big. You need to understand the architecture of both consoles. And not only the Blu ray.

In other words, like HighDefinition said: ''the 360 can do the PS3 can do better.''

That is the whole thing you need to know.

poindat2839d ago

He is talking about scope, not graphics. The impact (or current lack thereof) that the differences between DVD and Blu-Ray have on the size or details of a game.

And your assumption about Agent is just that: an assumption. We know nothing about the game yet, so let's not start hyping it into the the stratosphere just yet. Unless you want to witness the calamity that was GTA IV all over again.

ape0072839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"I know, whatever the 360 can do the PS3 can do better. It`s really that simple. Heavenly Sword an Lair looks better than any current 360 title for crying out loud"

first, ps3 can give better result in gfx but it need to be built on it but ps3 and the system has its own problems, mandatory installs installs, inferior multiplatform games and lack of robust online features like 360, so I guess that " do everything better" is not true and you are living in a private universe, you Im having both consoles and xbox live attracts me and many others to get games on 360, if I get RDR on 360 I would be able to play it with better online experience and custom tracks and I can install it at any time to reduce loading and pop-in

the xbox 360 is simply giving me more entertainment than ps3 in the same games

secondly, lair and HS have bad framrate, clipping and screen-tearing problems, lair is virtually unplayable due to its graphical issues and crippled control and I think that resi 5, alan wake, ME 2 and bad company 2 looks and runs miles better than the 2 games you mentioned

thirdly, it is up to R* to make it ps3 exclusive or multiplatform, they have to see how the project gonna fit on 360 dvd and tbh I think that it will come on 360 on 2 disks, with 1 disk mandatory installed

the bottom-line is this:

HUGE games can be done on 360 and ps3 can do even BIGGER but does it matter between HUGE and BIGGER if R* don't have it at all?

and @pointdat, I agree 100% with everything you said, it make me feel proud to see your awesome\epic comment in n4g, you see n4g is [email protected] amazing, the site is awesome but these bs commenters are ruining it, it make me sick

Dark_king2839d ago

Not only could it be many times larger.It could also have much better physics the graphics department is looked at to much gta has never been about the graphics.And it is night and day once you get past graphics PS3 crushes the 360 in every way.No BS here the PS3 is far more capable.But Space is the most important thing here its a open world game switching disc is a not acceptable 1 has 50 gigs to work with the other has 6.8 gigs less then a PS2 disc.So 500 different cars 1000 different pedestrians not possible on 360 with that 1 dvd.Compression only gets you so far and it actually hurts the potential of the game wasting cpu cycles de-compressing.So yes the 360 would hold GTA5 back from being the best it could be.But I would say it could go to PC/PS3.However I don't doubt it will be announced as a PS3 exclusive just to get another 75 million from MS.

poindat2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I'm out of bubbles (stupid new bubble system) so this will be my last post on this topic:

You have two things wrong with your argument. First, you assume right off the bat that GTA V -- 360 or no 360 -- will be some ultra-detailed, 500 square mile, "500 different cars 1000 different pedestrians," game. Even if the game was PS3, or PC, exclusive, Rockstar is still limited by both time and money. You are simply expecting something that is outside the reach of the modern gaming industry (just like gamers did with GTA IV).

Second, the lack of space on the 360 (compared the the PS3) will certainly become a major problem in the future. Key word: the future. Games such as Just Cause 2 demonstrate that DVD isn't entirely dead yet, and one way or another, games are making their way onto DVD, with nothing gimped in terms of pure scope. Games will continue to grow, of course, and this growth will result in DVD becoming obsolete within the next few years, right around the time a new MS console is due (convenient huh?). But as of now, and especially seeing as GTA V is likely in some sort of development stage right now, as opposed to a few years down the line, DVD should work fine for the next GTA. Yes, the Housers expressed criticism at the 360's perceived lack of space, but in the context of modern releases, GTA V should fare just fine.

The problem with DVD is not a current problem, it's a future problem. Current generation games easily (and should continue to) fit onto a DVD-9 disk. It's the next generation that we must worry about, if Microsoft doesn't change formats.

Either way, don't set your expectations for the next GTA. Whether it ended up exclusive or not, you are already setting yourself up for immense disappointment.

@HD below:

You haven't stated one fact. Also, in defense of Ape (because I'm sick of the fanboy rubbish on this website), he may prefer the 360 but he is able to recognize the positives and negatives of each console. I respect that greatly, and so should anybody who wishes to better the gaming community.

@Dark_King below:

Once again, you are making assumptions, and very big assumptions. 10,000 UNIQUE buildings on current generation machines is nigh impossible. Not only do you have to take the time and money required to create each building into account, but then to consider rendering all 10,000 unique buildings (must be one hell of a gigantic city), is quite ridiculous. You are greatly exaggerating the potential of the two consoles.

HighDefinition2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If you like your 360 more that`s your choice, that`s not what I`m arguing. I`m talking facts, your talking personal opinion.

So, if your argument is "DVD is fine" why has EVERY genaration until the 360 changed storage mediums. Stop acting like you know so much because of your personal attachment to the 360, your argument is LAME which is why your getting slammed w/ disagrees...... or let me guess is EVERYONE a hater who happens to be a PS3 fanboy and has a personal vendetta with you cause your always right????? (You know the usually arrogant approach to those prentious few who are here all the time but act like their better than everyone here and too good for this site)


Move on, theres nothing to see here.

Dark_king2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Sorry double post took 5 minutes for my comment to appear.

ape0072839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

man look, take it simple every gamer have emotional attachment to one consoles and yes I got both console, sometimes I like ps3, other times xbox but overall I love the 360 more because it's the first console that gave me the "HD" shock and if you simply look at it, we still don't have a measurement of the xbox 360's limit, games are growing bigger and bigger, red dead is huge, bold and extremely detailed, have lots of activities and a HUGE online multiplayer, RDR is one of the most ambitious games I've ever seen, lost planet 2 is damn huge, halo reach is much bigger than 3, gears 3 looks to be huge, dead space 2 will be bigger than the already amazing 1, id software's RAGE looks huge and have absolutely amazing gfx technology, they said they have DVD issues but it's completely resolved, Brink look huge too, there's absolutely no sign yet of
DVD9 limiting developers

we don't know how much "bigger" gta V is going to be and the most important part is the development skill and project time\finance and THEN...... comes the blu-ray if needed, if R* cannot develop gta 5 in 360's environment (which is 90% wrong) then NOW they have to make it ps3 exclusive, I hope this end all the disagreement

Biggest2839d ago

How are we back into the "DVD is more than enough" talk? I do not understand the point being made here. You're saying that because you think some of the games on the 360 are large, there is no reason for more space? First of all, most of the games ape007 listed are either not released, or not very large to begin with. Rage, Gears of War 3, Brink, and Crysis 2 have little to no information listed about their actual size. Red Dead Redemption is large, but the chances that it is full of life in that large area are very slim. Being based in a very open area of the unpopulated west means there isn't much going on in many of the areas. Alan Wake is not large. It is fully on rails gameplay with very limited exploration. The reviews tell the full story. It is not large. Halo: Reach has not shown any "size" to brag about. The playable parts are multiplayer. Every multiplayer shooter on the market has shown that you don't need much room to make what they make. I'm done beating on what are probably very good games just to make my point. Just because you're happy with your glass of milk doesn't mean that the gallon of milk is equal. Maybe you are the only person at the table and a 6.8 ounce glass of milk is all you need to be satisfied. But most people want more. You can blame any of the factors included in video game development as to why you feel that Mass Effect 2 or Alan Wake as large as BluRay games. But it doesn't change the fact that if you're making a game based on open world roaming, you would enjoy having more space. There is a night and day difference, ape007. It's more like a week and day difference.

Dark_king2839d ago

first I don't think that would be unreasonably they have all the time they need and funds.And 1000 different pedestrians could fit in 1 mall nowhere did I say 500 square miles in that case 100,000 would be needed.500 different vehicles is also not unreasonably actually it would have been the size GTA4 should of jumped to after GTA San Andreas.Its not like every car has to be different entirely could see a 05 version and a 2010 version that perform near the same so only difference would have been the skin.So its not as much as it would seem to be.Second thing its already happened man FF13 wasn't the first its been a problem since the beginning of this gen.I mean just think about it they have less space then a PS2 dvd to work with that limits every game that has to play on the system. Compressing data hurts the performance of the 360 wasting about a third of the CPU.Fact is dvd should have been laid to rest at the end of last gen.Its not keeping up its holding back just wish people understood that.

Saigon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I just want to know how do you know what is on or in RDR...have you played the game yet...granted most of the reviews have appeared but if you learned from GTA4 you can't always trust the reviews...

I have to admit i liked GTA4, but I hated it because R* didn't move forward with the new iteration of the series...they moved backwards...this is what hurt them...yeah many people bought the game...but they bought off of name value...Its already been stated that the 360 limited the growth of GTA4 and R* expressed their feelings more than once...Do you realize how much was left on the floor after they took the game to the chopping blocks...

GTA5...won't come until next-gen...if it does come this gen it will release for one console...granted the 360 sold a lot of copies of GTA4 but it didn't blow the PS3 out of the water like everyone expected...based off of that R* will be confident keeping the game on one system...another thing is that R* stated that GTA5 will only see one console if released this gen...

i am trying to keep an open mind to this discussion and seriously DVD9 is holding back everything...those games that ape007 mentioned are massive in size but they have to be scaled down in order to run properly...that in itself is a flaw with the 360 compared to the PS3...

when devs develop these games they make what they can first...fix all the issue and doing that they may remove some things...then they look at the medium and try to fit what they can on the disk...this leads to more scrapping and chopping of a game...a perfect example is FF13...they cut so much from the original game it was enough to make another full game...

OK I am done...

ThanatosDMC2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Not to mention rehashed textures like say Borderlands. If they do make it exclusive for the PS3, there had better not be any DLCs let the whole game be complete on the disk and not BS us gamers.

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Megaton2839d ago

They won't do it, even though the Housers themselves said GTA's future on the 360 is uncertain due to the storage issues they ran into for GTAIV. There's too much money involved.

Kratos Spartan2839d ago

But the question must be, Critical Success or Financial Success?

If they decided to release a GTA V exclusively on the PS3, pretty much the sky is the limit. Create a game that could change everything forever. Taking full advantage of the processing power of the Cell, and the huge storage of Blu-Ray. So much praise would come, that the financial success would soon follow.

This is GTA we're talking, an easy system seller.

Or just plain old financial success. Make the next for both platforms, and just sit back and collect the money. All the while limiting their true vision, due only to the limited space of DVD9.

We all know how GTA IV turned out. Good. But not great.

booni32839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Um yea no matter what we could say about what GTA5 the GAME could be if it were exclusive, what Rockstar sees is what GTA5 the $$ could(and will) be and no matter how you much you disagree there are more ps3 and xbox gamers together than there is either one alone.
The whole is = to the SUM of its parts. I'll break it down once more for you class!
xbox = 1
PS = 1
xbox+PS= 2

ruiner44822839d ago

Just curious how big and detailed Infamous was? I only have a ps3 but I've always wondered if Infamous ever delivered a huge environment, that you were able to interact with. By interact I mean walk into buildings and such. Basically what everyone said GTAIV should have been.

ThanatosDMC2838d ago

Nope, it's basically like most sandbox type games. From my experience there's a lot less stuff to do than GTA4 that probably due to the fact that they had to make the engine first before the game. That's why a lot are hopeful for the sequel since it shows so much promise. It's an open world shooter game. You could get it in gamestop for less than $30 now.

AliTheBrit192839d ago

No it will not, you have no idea of how video game companies work and how developers create games for different platforms

Please GTFO and come back when you have some sense in your head, an Exclusive GTA would be bad for the Game sales and millions of gamers would miss out on it, why would you want that?

No real gamer would want that.

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absoluteman2840d ago

I hope Rockstar makes Sony a deal for exclusivity, cause they really, really need the disk space.. GTA-50GB would be awesome and everyone knows it.

8thnightvolley2840d ago

dout an exclusivity will happen.. gta has made a big home on 360 and alienating all that potential sales will be abit silly..

swiftshot932840d ago

I dont think it'll be exclusive at all, doesnt mean Im not super excited for it. I just hope its not a case where they announce it and release it 3 years or so later.
Im much more excited for Agent though, seeing as how their pitching it as the "ultimate action game" and the game developed by Rockstar North.

8thnightvolley2840d ago

agency has alot of potential and it would give rockstar its ability to really put out something special for the ps3, and i sure hope we see what they are talking about when they say 360 somewhat held gtaIV from what it was ment to be.. upcoming RDR seems to be a stellar across the board .. well GTA V exclusive highly dout it .. but maybe they would do something exclusive for the ps3 in some way i believe thats about it.

Vip3r2839d ago

EFLC just came out for PS3 and PC so to announce a new GTA would be stupid. Plus North are working on Agent atm.

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