The Gamers Temple: Iron Man 2 Review

The Gamers Temple writes: "I'm going to start off this review by focusing on what Iron Man 2 does right ... this won't take long. The game deserves credit for not rehashing the movie's plot, instead providing an original adventure that takes place sometime after the movie. Tony Stark's AI assistant Jarvis has been hacked, cloned, and used to help create Ultimo, a robot-human hybrid weapon with the ability to repair itself after a battle. The story wraps itself in a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo in an attempt to make it seem like there's more depth to the story than there really is, but in truth there's barely enough story to fill a half hour timeslot on TV."

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Jab-dees-nuts2864d ago

Since im the only one thats gonna prob comment ill make it short.

Why do developers try to make a game that they are gonna rush?
all attempts to make a game from a comic book movie have failed...evidence below

hulk 2-failed
irom man-failed
iron man 2-failed
superman-failed ...superman (movie)-failed

i know there is more but just pointing out, think the only two successul franchise have been the spider-man and batman games