10.0 | Alan Wake Review

Brilliant environments, chilling storyline and a true thriller feel make Alan Wake one of the most innovative and entertaining titles so far this year.

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SKCShifty2961d ago

G.O.T.Y Contender definitely.

GWAVE2961d ago

Not really. Just because a few people say it's innovative doesn't make it so. Plenty of people are disappointed by AW, and plenty are "eh, it's average" toward AW. That doesn't lean toward a GOTY nomination.

Inside_out2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Alot of games to choose from BUT Alan Wake a contender...Only on the 360...

GAM3R7l2961d ago

Really? I guess you fail to recall the SAME EXACT THING being said about Gears of War, AND Oblivion....BOTH GOTY winners.

Microsoft Xbox 3602961d ago

Not much was going against Gears 1 and Oblivion.

GAM3R7l2960d ago

WRONG. You OBVIOUSLY were late to gaming this generation, if you didn't read all the negative comments about those games. That, or you're a rampant PS3 fanboy, and a liar.

Demons Souls2961d ago

But it won't make it into the finals with games like God of War 3, Red Dead Redemption, & LittleBigPlanet 2 (this will win GOTY this year).

jakethemuss2961d ago

Do you actually know anything about the NZ herald? If you did you would know their reviews are untrustworthy.

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mrv3212961d ago

With an average of 8.5?

Arnon2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

u mad.

Natsu X FairyTail2961d ago

LOL AMON! that cam'ron u mad pic A classic!

Nicholas Cage2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

1. Xbox 360: Alan Wake (2010) 84

Playstation 3: God of War III (2010) 93

1. PC Games: Mass Effect 2 (2010) 94


1. Playstation 3: Heavy Rain (2010) 87
Sony Computer Entertainment

Other games coming out very soon. such as...
red dead redemption, gran turismo 5, killzone 3, halo reach, the last guardian,and finally littlebigplanet2

mittwaffen2961d ago

Not alot of people love or hate this genre its alot of personal taste when it comes to this type of game.

I've been tallying the scores and alot of 9's and 8's = well done game in this genre; few and far between get scores this high in the Horror/Thriller area.

Arnon2961d ago

Alan Wake N4G Scores:

10/10 - 16 scores
9+/10 - 74 scores
8+/10 - 58 scores
7+/10 - 15 scores
6+/10 - 8 scores

The game is doing fantastic.

Nolando2961d ago

for both of your intelligent comments, people keep going into AW articles and say OMFG IT GOT A 7 FROM EDGE!!! or a 6.5 from someone who just didn't get into the game when the actual census for the game is 8.5-9... i cant wait to play this game!

BattleAxe2961d ago

@ Chubbylover

I can't wait for you to play this game either.

Nolando2961d ago

thanks i hope you enjoy it too, its gonna be fun, been waiting on this one for a while and will be picking up red dead with it :)

lowcarb2961d ago

AW scores are not popping up on Metacritic which is pretty sad. I was laughed at by the haters for saying AW should be much higher in score but it's the truth. I'm so looking forward to picking it up even more so than Red Dead. This has got to be the prettiest game I've ever laid my eye on.

BattleAxe2961d ago

@ Lowcarb

If this is the prettiest game you've laid your eyes on, then I could only imagine that you would creme yourself if you had played Uncharted 2, GoW3 and Killzone 2. Such a shame about DVD9 dependent gamers. Its almost like MS marketed the DVD9 to the Halo crowd by putting it on a Mountain Dew can or something.

lowcarb2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I've seen them and played them all. This is an atmospheric masterpiece. None of the games you mention are anything like it (although nice looking in there own way)so whats your point? If I think it's the best I've seen then my opinion is justified for me only because it's how I feel. What's up with the guy's here always trying to say your wrong and they're right lol. If you honestly believe UC2, KZ2 and GOW3 are the best that's fine but it doesn't mean everybody has to agree or ever will agree with you.

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booni32961d ago

wow. a perfect score.

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