Spiderman Shattered Dimensions new HD gameplay video

Gamersmint : Here is a new gameplay video from the latest Spidey videogame, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions. The quality of the video is awesome and this game does seem to be FTW material by the looks of this video.

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pody2809d ago

nothing new here it seems! *yawn*

Nom Nom Nom CATS2809d ago

The song that plays during the trailer is fucking terrible, holy shit.

ExgamerLegends22809d ago

Someones been taking lessons from Kratos.

I dunno I might get it. =/

Longsama2808d ago

Wow this looks much better than i expected

cyborg2808d ago

This title is shaping up quiet well and the different dimensions will def bring in variety into the gameplay on offer. Looks like they r finally giving Spidey the time and effort it deserves.