WorthPlaying: Picross 3D Review

WorthPlaying writes: "For years, Nintendo gamers in North America have been denied the joys of Picross. With the exception of the Game Boy title, Mario's Picross, in 1995, we have missed out on Mario's Super Picross for the Super NES and some more Game Boy variations. Unless you imported video games back then, a gamer would have had to wait until 2007 when Picross DS was released to an unsuspecting public. The switch from a traditional control pad method to a touch-based one was a big hit, and the plethora of included puzzles and weekly downloadable content ensured that this puzzle game was going to be as loved as Peggle: Dual Shot, Planet Puzzle League and Tetris DS. Three years later, Nintendo DS owners get another shot at the game, this time presented in a completely different perspective with a new set of rules. While Picross 3D might sound complicated on paper, it proves to be a very solid puzzle game, despite a few missteps."

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