Scattershot: Halo Reach Beta Invasion thoughts

Gamer Limit writes: "Invasion has landed this week in Halo Reach, and we’ve had an awful lot of time to become acquainted with it. Put simply, Invasion is a 6v6 gametype that pits Spartans against Elites, in an all out objective based brawl fest. Elites have to press their way into a multi-tiered base, steal the Spartan Power Core, and escape on their getaway dropship. Spartans have a much simpler end-game: stop the Elites at all costs.

Right now only one desert outpost (Boneyard) is playable, and while some people feel like it’s a mixed bag, I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. So let’s get down to business and check out some of the highlights!"

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ASSASSYN 36o2842d ago

I loved invasion right up to the point they removed the DMR and changed the weapon load out options. Now you need to sprint for the DMR at the beginning.

SixZeroFour2842d ago

i think thats fair, they have to do the same for the needle, it takes the same amount of shots with a pistol as it does with the dmr, its just not as accurate, and requires you to take a little more time between shots to make it as accurate