Did You Know? 5 Facts on Halo

Jayce Diaz Writes, "Halo is one of those game franchises that, like the Mario and Zelda before it, really doesn't need an introduction. The first game in the series was released in 2001, as a launch title for the original Xbox. Since then, the series has gone to spawn numerous sequels and spinoffs, including the upcoming Halo: Reach (of which a multiplayer beta is scheduled to arrive in a week or so). To celebrate this anticipated event, here are some little known facts about the franchise that redefined online console gaming, and made dual wielding guns feel totally new even though Lara Croft did it years earlier. "

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SixZeroFour2805d ago

"including the upcoming Halo: Reach (of which a multiplayer beta is scheduled to arrive in a week or so)"

where did this site steal this article from, and how long ago was that original article posted :S

ASSASSYN 36o2805d ago

I know right. Plagiarize much

dafonz2804d ago

yea well this article was supposed to be published almost two weeks ago, and it was published today. But don't accuse of plagiarism scrub.

jayceface2804d ago

I am the writer of this article. It was written on April 28th. It took awhile for it to get posted because the editors were away, and everyone was basically busy readying for E3. We aren't a big company, so these kinds of things take time.

I am stating that this article was in no way plagiarized. I would appreciate it if the original poster retracted that statement.

Sorry for any confusion the date of the post may have caused.


SixZeroFour2804d ago

that cool...i wrote what i wrote in retaliation of what i read, but since what you wrote was the case, i take back what i originally stated

as you wrote, gameabyss isnt a very big well known site like the others(maybe it is, but not in my case) and that specific part didnt help...but it was a publishing error, so i didnt mean to point fingers, i just had no idea

BattleAxe2804d ago Show
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Kratos Spartan2804d ago

may never be revealed. It's too big a risk. I'd rather not.

SixZeroFour2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )


actually it says he has freckles, and i think i remember a gap between his tooth...that ruined the imagery for me cause i thought of this

EDIT: quote from the novel fall of reach "the picture in the file showed a typical six-year-old male. He had tousled brown hair and a sly grin that revealed a gap between his front teeth. A few freckles were speckled across his cheeks."

Parapraxis2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

OMG Master Chief is...

R2D22804d ago

Thanx paraprix - now I will never look at MC the same.

BannedForNineYears2804d ago

You can actually see his face in Halo 3.
Driving a warthog and getting a guy behind him.
Youtube it.
He's really ugly and has a big nose.

sak5002804d ago

I know one fact. Halo uses same game engine since original halo in 2004~2005. Where as games like KZ, COD, BF, GTA jumped to HD consoles with significant changes this old tech game due to lazy devs feels the same old game from 5 years back.

psycho3602804d ago

Hahah well said but I think you meant from 2001 as the original started back then.

kaveti66162804d ago

That just shows how little he knows. The engine has been gutted and remade. To say that Reach's engine is the same as the one for Combat Evolved is to say that the Source Engine is the same as the Gold SRC engine. So much coding has been removed and replaced that it's not even the same engine anymore.

The reason why Reach looks similar to the other Halo games and isn't very graphically amazing (although I'm impressed), is because Bungie either don't care enough about visuals or they just aren't as talented or the 360 just isn't powerful enough.

sak5002804d ago


Sorry my bad yep i meant the halo CE era.


I know very little but i did play halo on pC and halo3, ODST, Halo wars, and beta of reach on 360 and what i'm saying is from an fps player not a lover of the franchise. To me its bland boring and very little fun. I only completed halo3 can't be bothered to finish any other ones. And for that matter i finished COD2/COD3/COD4/MW2 the last two on vetern and BC1 and BC2 both on hard. I think halo belongs on Wii and will prob sell more than Conduit.

Just because in 2001 there was no good fps on console doesn't mean they can still replicate the same graphics and gameplay 10 years later and be as critically acclaimed. They may sell millions but it's nothing new to the genre or their franchise.

One look at BF or COD levels and look at the bland textureless graphics of halo series and you'll see what is different. Also the change from last gen to HD has been done succesfully in Killzone , MGS, and the others i named before but bungie and their lazy @$$ designers have done nothing.

hamoor2804d ago

i think you had failed soooo much when you mention the cod series,
Do you want to know who is the really lazy @ss devoloper??
Its infinityward,they just dont bother with fixing the glitches in mw2 and they dont care about what the fans say
While bungie keep improving the game while make sure it won't have any glitches
And they update the playlist every week plus they hear what the fans want unlike IW
I guess too much for lazy @ss devoloper

kaveti66162804d ago

Just because you don't find the Halo series fun doesn't mean that you can call Bungie talentless. They don't cater to your preferred type of FPS, which are twitch shooters, I would bet. I find Halo to be very enjoyable and the maps and characters to be creative enough to sustain my interest, even though the character archetypes are typical. Lots of people think Halo is fun, and you're judging the game and its fans from an elitist standpoint. If the masses like something you don't, you think the masses are all idiots and not as sophisticated as you.

STK0262804d ago

I remember seeing a preview for the Mac version of Halo in one of my old PC games magazine, I think it was joystick.