Game-Boyz: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Game-Boyz writes: "I feel compelled upfront to state that I am a huge Splinter Cell fan; I have played all of Sam Fisher’s previous outings on multiple platforms many times and loved every minute of it. I pre-ordered Splinter Cell: Conviction back in 2007 after it was originally announced, so if my take on Ubisoft Montreal’s exclusive release to the Xbox 360 seems a bit biased you may just understand why."

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Inside_out2930d ago

Here's a ubi-soft demo walkthrough...there's is stealth the other assault...the is the assault one...enjoy...

clarkjudo2930d ago

I read allot of reviews and forums that were complaining about SCC not being stealth. Not using the M&E option allows a player to be more stealth. And another benefit, is it actually lengthens game play. I played it stealth and it took me nearly 10 hours or so to finish the campaign. I am still playing the Co-op 65% and spec-ops 80%. I have not played it yet on realistic for the campaign either. And yes, then it's the other achievements to go through. Plenty of game play and replay. "... Great Game..."