GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Xbox 360 Version Price Drop

The Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City has received a price drop from its usual price of $39.99.

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ShadyDevil2983d ago

Already got the PS3 vers. Had both at one time, but this drop is to be expected.

MightyMark4272983d ago

It's a lot cheaper than the DLCs via Xbox Live

scofios2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

What i don't understand is why the retail version is always cheaper than the download version . was it not supposed to be the other way around. Using digital distribution is the future yeah right so you can nick and dime us more with you greed . [email protected]#k digtal distribution and long live physical media .

Acquiesc32983d ago

I'm only interested in Ballad, but if the ps3 version drops in price as well.. why not?

MightyMark4272983d ago

Maybe the PS3 version will drop in a month or two

TheIneffableBob2983d ago

Got it on Steam for $22.50. Pretty good price for what you get.

dan_chan892983d ago

awesome, hopefully more people will consider picking it up. i had a blast with it.

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