DualShockers: Super Street Fighter IV Review

DualShockers writes: "This is the version of Street Fighter IV the original should have been. With Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has listened to their fans and has delivered on a game that is worth the $40 price tag. If you never owned the original, then this is absolutely worth the $40 price tag. I consider Super Street Fighter IV more of a sequel than an expansion, because it can run on its own. With that said, it is very very very difficult to find a game sequel that makes it worthwhile to sell its predecessor in every aspect."

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Chadness2989d ago

Great review. I'm not a big fighting game player, myself, although the Street Fighter series does bring back some memories of playing with friends when I was younger. The $40 price tag doesn't make it that bad, given the fact that all of this could have been accomplished with DLC, also.

Ninferno2989d ago

definitely worht $40, great review

Nicaragua2989d ago

What if you have already bought the normal street fighter 4, is it worth $40 then ?

I think this should have been DLC.

I also think capcom started to suck this generation.

Hitman07692989d ago

I'm definitely going to pick this up as one of my Xbox 360 titles. I know a few of people that play this one. Looks like a great reason to pick up the system.

foxxy2989d ago

Ps3 version for me cammy ftw.

eggbert2989d ago

is this ever coming to the PC like the normal Street Fighter 4?

DannyVenom2989d ago

A good review, enjoyed reading. I do totally agree as well, the game is easily worth $40.