PlayTM: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Preview

PlayTM writes: "We've been itching to get some hands-on time with Rockstar's Western opus for ages now, and although it's just over a week away from release, there's still time to ride the hype train and tell you all about Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes in preparation for May 21st."

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comp_ali2895d ago

Why in the tags (PC) , it is not confirmed yet) Sure I hope it will be released on PC but I don't see a reason why most Red Dead Redemption news have a "PC" tag.

Cyrus3652895d ago

Sorry, most sites have listed as PC, and only recent developments does it say it only "MAY" come out on PC.


Will be good leveling up XP and characters.

wicko2895d ago

I have a huge boner for this game, and reading stuff like this only makes it bigger!

And with Rockstar giving some love to PS3 I think its safe to say MS won't be getting any timed exclusive DLC this time around.

Spydiggity2895d ago

REVIEWS. the game is 3 days away and we've seen..what..1.5 reviews? where's GT, ign, gamespot, etc...?

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