The danger of priced downloadable content

The Plagued Gamer writes: "Since the start of this console generation, we’ve been assaulted by downloadable content. The incessant nagging of this digital devilry can be troubling but it’s not all completely trivial. On one hand it’s a nice boost for the games we truly enjoy, but it could be giving companies the wrong idea."

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Pandamobile2960d ago

I'm proud to say that I've spent a single penny on DLC.

El_Colombiano2960d ago

Where did you buy any DLC for $0.01?

Pandamobile2960d ago

I derped on my comment and can't go back and edit it. It should say "I'm proud to say that I haven't spent a single penny on DLC. "

Hotel_Moscow2960d ago

i was about to say you actually spent money on dlc what non sense i paid for a game i should get a whole game with extended gameplay not an add on that extends the gameplay

its the main reason why i buy things used companys expect those to buy dlc after purchasing it new i think not

booni32960d ago

they shouldnt be allowed to charge us for content pertaining to our game released after the original game. At least with EAs strategy, new games will come with codes good for future DLC releases.

Pandamobile2959d ago

That really has nothing to do with anything. It's just greedy devs/publishers that charge for content that should be free.