GameDaily: Nintendo: Help Wanted - Should Mario and Co. work with outside developers?

GameDaily writes: "Hardcore Nintendo fans remind us of stubborn old people. They like things a certain way, and will lash out whenever someone (or even something) threatens to change the norm. They went bonkers when Nintendo gave its beloved Metroid franchise to Retro Studios, and lost their marbles when both companies announced that the series would switch from the tried and true second dimension to glorious 3-D with Metroid Prime, as a first person shooter to boot. Of course, they worried for nothing, as the Prime trilogy released to critical acclaim, and some of them are probably concerned about Metroid: Other M, now that it's in the hands of Ninja Gaiden developer, Team Ninja. If you're one of these people, take a deep breath, count to ten and let the good games roll. Nintendo will continue to allow companies outside Japan to design some of its games for great reasons."

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gii bro2959d ago

Thats what they should do to take the workload off themselves. Alot of they're licences (F Zero, Pilot Wings etc) aren't being updated because they're to busy. Time to let go & let someone else take the reins. Then Nintendo would have time to create new core games.

G4drake2959d ago

answering the question...Yes they should.

Cyrus3652959d ago

They should, or get more first party studios under their belt, they got the money, they could surely do something like this. Or License it out, like what Capcom does alot of times.

SpoonyRedMage2959d ago

Yes! I want to see Akitoshi Kawazu and Miyamoto work together, they both come u with crazy awesome ideas and it would be totally bonkers but awesome!

I think they should though, but keep an eye on everything to make sure we get more Punch Out! and F-Zero: GX and less Star Fox: Assault!

EvilTwin2958d ago

Other M isn't just in Team Ninja's hands, though. They're along for the ride; the team in charge is ye olde R&D1 and Sakamoto at Nintendo.

It seems Nintendo reached out to Mistwalker and is helping with TLS, and they pulled a Retro with Monolith Soft (and that's giving us Xenoblade). The guys at Ubi said Nintendo let them borrow some of the guys at Retro for a little while for Red Steel 2, as well.

All good stuff, IMO. Nintendo routinely makes super-high quality content, but they take their time doing it. Nothing wrong with spreading the wealth a little.

Gr812958d ago

That seems to be ingrained in peoples psyche is this attitude that Nintendo and thirds don't get along. This isn't the 1980's or 90's any more.

And every third that has worked with Nintendo has nothing but praise and respect for them. Nintendo has gone above and beyond what a company in its position would feel required to do.

They don't money hat, and I'm glad they don't. Nintendo supports those that support them and in some cases recruits outside help.

Much like the 'kiddy' stigma, I think this other stigma concerning Nintendo and thirds is also hard to shake..and is being deliberately echoed. Hell, without Nintendo (NES) a lot of these thirds would not have even had a platform to showcase their talent and provide us gamers with great experiences and content.