New Super Mario Galaxy 2 video (transmission 13, Rock Mario footage)

New footage of Super Mario Galaxy 2 featuring a look at Rock Mario.

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gameseveryday2987d ago

Only 7 days until I get my hands on this and play for hours.

N4GAddict2987d ago

I didn't know it will only be a week left.

Valay2987d ago

It's like a week from Sunday. Some stores won't have it on shelves until Monday or Tuesday though.

Valay2987d ago

Rock Mario is going to be awesome. And I love that there are "bowling" sections.

N4GAddict2987d ago

This should be the best game yet on the Wii

-Mezzo-2987d ago

only 7 days to go, my store guy told to check with him on this Monday, hopefully he would have it by then.