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Submitted by triumphofhearts 2095d ago | article

One Unlucky Soul And His Pirated Copy of Red Dead Redemption

Aaron from Nukezilla gives a first hand account of his tantalising glimpse of Red Dead Redemption and its stream's subsequent annihilation. (PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360)

bart999  +   2095d ago
Interesting story, douches that are this brazen are probably pretty rare but still publishers use stories like this to rationalize crazy DRM nonesense.
enkeixpress  +   2095d ago
Rockstar Games FTW!! :D
The_Count  +   2095d ago
That smell is familiar. Oh nvm it's bullshit
Trey_4_life  +   2094d ago
Yaaar! he be a pirate!
Trey_4_life  +   2094d ago
Oh and new fresh red dead redemption stream @
vhero  +   2095d ago
He is now streaming ratchet and clank? Meaning he streams from PS3... Meaning it was impossible it was a pirate edition.. Yet another site after hits..
iceman06  +   2094d ago
Or maybe....
He is one of the fortunate people to be able to afford more than one console!!! I watched stream after stream being shut down last night on Justin TV! It was pretty funny because one guy tried to hide the title that he was playing under Barbies Horse Adventures!*LOL* Only problem was that there were over 700 viewers!
Eamon  +   2094d ago
The heretic has more than one console?!

What is this blasphemy!!
MEsoJD  +   2094d ago
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triumphofhearts  +   2095d ago
Oh he definitely deserved it (if legitimate).
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2095d ago
Unluck my ass, karma is bitch.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2095d ago
Definitely fake. Poor excuse of a scare tactic to keep people away from pirated copies of games (Probably from Rockstar).
Voozi  +   2095d ago
It's not fake. I was on yesterday and know exactly what stream he's talking about.
Legosz  +   2095d ago
I was there too, he even had pictures of the game case and disk in his lap with his name.
iceman06  +   2094d ago
A guy on Justin Tv...
actually had a receipt of his RDR purchase as his background while he steamed. He only lasted roughly 20 min. before he was shut down. Rockstar was on the hunt last night on streaming sites.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2094d ago
I just think this particular case is fake.

He puts the phone on speaker during a live stream, exclaims a phrase of being damned, and the stream cuts something out of a movie.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2095d ago
There are already a lot of people around the world playing right now RDR and streaming that live.

If you live in US, probably you will have consequences, even to download something in the Torrent sites, there are cases, people saying they are tracked from some authority because they just downloaded-Pirated a game from a torrent.

But go to any other country, free drownload and they don't track you.
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comp_ali  +   2095d ago
WTF is this s##t , how could this be news ?
triumphofhearts  +   2095d ago
Not news, an article.
NeoBasch  +   2094d ago
Well, it's news to me. Nice to hear where Rockstar's money's going.
AliTheBrit19  +   2095d ago
Hmmm, if this is true, it is wrong

Because he very well could have got an early copy from some small video game store.

I love you Rockstar, I really do, but you scare me when you put your foot down SO hard on people getting your games early.
ChampIDC  +   2095d ago
I definitely saw a stream or two get banned on yesterday for playing RDR.
R_aVe_N  +   2095d ago
People who pirate games get what they deserve..... They are scum of the earth...
AliTheBrit19  +   2095d ago
LMAO Maybe a bit extreme

But yeah, I would never pirate a game, because I want to support the Gaming Industry..

Music and Film on the otherhand.. ;)
R_aVe_N  +   2095d ago
Yeah maybe a little extreme there lol. I am also one of the people that will never buy a used game unless it has been out at least a year. I will support the hobby I love.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2095d ago
It's indeed hyprocritical to say he's wrong when we all download music for free... Not excluding myself here, and I do buy CDs for musicians I want to support, still there are many MP3s on my PC I don't have the backup excuse for. Still, everyone else doing it or whatever are lame excuses.

When being wrong doesn't ring a bell to our conscience, fear of punishment should, and that is the problem with piracy, it's not a question of wrong or right, we all know it's wrong, but most of us don't care to know what the consequences are.

We all would love if the wourld were a fair place, where everyone have the money and the will to buy what they intend to use or possess, but it isn't, recorders and publishers take a lot of the income and the people that were supposed to be paid for their hard work never see most of the money we pay, still piracy isn't right regardless of the plea, one can't complain if facing consequences, so I will disagree on the ''maybe a bit extreme'' part, because punishment was due, blame the guy for not caring what it would be, that's up to the interested parts and a judge to argue and decide anyway.

Not pointing fingers (I would have to point it at me first anyway), just my two cents.
BannedForNineYears  +   2095d ago
Hate the uploader, not the downloader. -_-
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2095d ago
We are no longer kids, we know what is wrong and what is right, this is not a finders keepers thing. This guy has gone out of his way to dig it in the web, p2p connection or whatever, for a game he knew would be comercialized, he didn't stomp at it as freeware and downloaded it out of his innocence.

Not even finders keepers are that simple, if you see someone dropping its wallet it's not right to grab it for you. It's only when you find something that can't be tracked back to it's owner and after sometime no one had looked for it, then you can call it yours.
Eamon  +   2094d ago
What if he buys the game afterwards then?

Does it make it okay?
vickers500  +   2095d ago
Yeah, because people deserve to go to jail and have their lives ruined over a 65 dollar game.

kanetheking  +   2095d ago
so if one does it what about 1000
or 10,000 or what about they download it more then one time to give to other may start at 65 but it gets a hell of alot bigger and it my pi$$ of the pubs that there taking there money.if everyone download without playing then there be no n4g no games cos there not going to put millions in to make new and stunning game why people just take it.
Skizelli  +   2094d ago
Make a great game and people will buy it
Video game piracy has been around for a long time. Regardless of your feelings about it, it hasn't put a dent in the video game industry. They'll try to spin it any way they can, making it appear that they lose money because of it, but that's not true.

Not all pirates are bad people and people pirate for various reasons. There are many who do buy games after playing a pirated copy. I think piracy, in some ways, helps sales. Their product spreads like wildfire and, in many cases, if it's worth buying, people will. You know how a retailer has games on display for people to play? It's really no different.

How can anyone accuse pirates of being greedy when we have companies like EA talking about premium demos and locking out used games, nickel and diming us to death with DLC that's already on the disc, or people like David Jaffe (whom I admire, I'm not going to lie) complaining about retailers selling used games and wanting a piece of the profit?

I'm not saying piracy is right, but I can certainly understand it.
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dizzleK  +   2094d ago
sit down skizelli, you must be dizzy from that spin.

pirates want free shit. period. stop lying to yourself that theres noble causes, people want games for free and thats that. spin it all you want. pirates aren't effing robin hood teaching dirty corporations a lesson, they're lazy, cheap effs. they've got $1000 for a kick ass rig but not $10 for a cd/movie ticket or $60 for a game? please.

i don't like walmart's business practices so it's ok if i go shoplift some stuff. /s
Proxy  +   2094d ago
That reminds me.
When you say people need their life ruined for pirating a 65 dollar game I am reminded of a local story where a teacher embezzled 11 million dollars from the school district over the years, but was let of easy because she was an upstanding citizen otherwise. She had to do some community service and pay 750,000 in fines.

I think they should adopt a similar strategy for prosecuting pirates. If I download a game and get caught, then I can keep the game but I have to pay a 5$ fine or something... the systems so screwed up some times.
Skizelli  +   2094d ago
Wrong. You're delusional if you really think all pirates are the same. Something tells me you know very little about the subject. Do you know how many games I've discovered through piracy that I now own legally? And not just newer stuff, but really old stuff. So no, not all pirates just want free shit. And there's others like me. Collectors if you will. The real scum are those who make a profit off it.

If something is WORTH buying, people will buy it. Period. Piracy didn't really stop Modern Warfare 2 from making a billion dollars, now did it? Though, whether MW2 is worth buying or not is open for debate. I own it and I say nay.
DORMIN  +   2095d ago
They WILL come for you, Pirates.

Related image(s)
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freeblue  +   2095d ago
most likely fake.
I doubt any ISP will work that fast. Even assuming Rockstar has employees surfing the stream net 24/7 and emailing site admins about those streaming. I doubt any admins will provide Rockstar their user ip addresses without doing some researches first or court orders. and Even Rockstar has the streamer ip address, and Rockstar contact the ISP about the voliation. do you really think the ISP works that fast (calling their customers in the middle of streaming??:)
spann  +   2095d ago
On another note:
Isn't broadcasting copyrighted material without a license illegal anyway? While it may well have been someone pranking him, he obviously knew he was doing wrong to kill the feed.
ShOtCall3r33  +   2095d ago
1: good that is what you get when you do stupid shit

bjornbear  +   2095d ago
The_Kills  +   2095d ago
And wont change anything toward the future practices similar to this. Nor will it sway anyones decision to broadcast pirated or leaked copies of the games.
Gun_Senshi  +   2095d ago
I call Bullshit
I love new N4G! No censor!
Sunny_D  +   2095d ago
Really? hmmmm....

You Noob  +   2095d ago
And what if he got a Legitimate Copy, maybe someone @ Gamestop gave the copy to him... Fake
divideby0  +   2095d ago
how would one know if its an illegal copy or some store just broke the release date ?
Gamehead36   2095d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
diatom  +   2095d ago
This one time at band camp there was this guy who....
bjornbear  +   2095d ago
pirate pirated game online...get banned for it, repeat, get banned AGAIN, repeat AGAIN...

then get called by ISP and be surprised.

this guy is a certified moron
noxeven  +   2095d ago
that stream this moring was interesting gave me a glimspe of actually weather or not i cared to get the game, i know stores already have it and if the idiots behind the shelf put it out early who cares who sees you playing it
WetN00dle69  +   2095d ago
Although i do agree that he was in the wrong by doing what he did.
Rockstar deserves to get compensation for the great title. BUT i hate people that snitch on others. I despise those spineless cowards! They are worse than the one that is doing wrong.
dizzleK  +   2094d ago
why should this asshole get to play the game for free when people with honor actually open their wallets and pay for things?
booni3  +   2095d ago
i would be scared sh*tless. But how will they know if the game is pirated AFTER release day? huh? how would they know then??
C L O U D  +   2095d ago
What a great story.

...the streamer uttered a nervous “Oh shit” and ended the stream...

That was funny
RetroIntro  +   2095d ago
damn.. talk about spin writing, this guy should get employed by either the Tobacco, FireArms or even Alcohol company to help them in spin writing their ad campaigns or even fiscal reports.

So many inaccuracies in that article( clearly hates/has biff with the streamer), and so bold to stand by them. WOW!!
sam2236  +   2094d ago
If he's talking about Eva (Or whatever his name is), then the whole article is a crock of crap. Eva posted in the chat saying he got a phone call from his ISP and that he was going to stop the stream, the call wasn't streamed at all. There's also people saying Eva showed a legit copy of RDR, but he didn't.

How do I know this? I was there the whole goddamn time. Even when he was swtiching sites.
DigitalHorror81  +   2094d ago
Two things....
One, video stores allow their employees to "STREET" a disc a week before release. I should know, I used to work at Block Buster.

Second, this could be nothing more than an attempt by Rockstar to 'pimp,' if you will, what could very well be fighting for Game of the year. Regardless, this is a game I'll be picking up VERY soon.
Skizelli  +   2094d ago
This article is a joke.
#27 (Edited 2094d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2094d ago
If you guys think it is fake then go and prove it so.
jianmei10   2093d ago | Spam

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