One Unlucky Soul And His Pirated Copy of Red Dead Redemption

Aaron from Nukezilla gives a first hand account of his tantalising glimpse of Red Dead Redemption and its stream's subsequent annihilation.

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bart9992985d ago

Interesting story, douches that are this brazen are probably pretty rare but still publishers use stories like this to rationalize crazy DRM nonesense.

The_Count2985d ago

That smell is familiar. Oh nvm it's bullshit

Trey_4_life2984d ago

Oh and new fresh red dead redemption stream @

vhero2985d ago

He is now streaming ratchet and clank? Meaning he streams from PS3... Meaning it was impossible it was a pirate edition.. Yet another site after hits..

iceman062984d ago

He is one of the fortunate people to be able to afford more than one console!!! I watched stream after stream being shut down last night on Justin TV! It was pretty funny because one guy tried to hide the title that he was playing under Barbies Horse Adventures!*LOL* Only problem was that there were over 700 viewers!

Eamon2984d ago

The heretic has more than one console?!

What is this blasphemy!!

triumphofhearts2985d ago

Oh he definitely deserved it (if legitimate).


Unluck my ass, karma is bitch.

HolyOrangeCows2985d ago

Definitely fake. Poor excuse of a scare tactic to keep people away from pirated copies of games (Probably from Rockstar).

Voozi2985d ago

It's not fake. I was on yesterday and know exactly what stream he's talking about.

Legosz2985d ago

I was there too, he even had pictures of the game case and disk in his lap with his name.

iceman062984d ago

actually had a receipt of his RDR purchase as his background while he steamed. He only lasted roughly 20 min. before he was shut down. Rockstar was on the hunt last night on streaming sites.

HolyOrangeCows2984d ago

I just think this particular case is fake.

He puts the phone on speaker during a live stream, exclaims a phrase of being damned, and the stream cuts something out of a movie.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

There are already a lot of people around the world playing right now RDR and streaming that live.

If you live in US, probably you will have consequences, even to download something in the Torrent sites, there are cases, people saying they are tracked from some authority because they just downloaded-Pirated a game from a torrent.

But go to any other country, free drownload and they don't track you.

comp_ali2985d ago

WTF is this s##t , how could this be news ?

NeoBasch2984d ago

Well, it's news to me. Nice to hear where Rockstar's money's going.

AliTheBrit192985d ago

Hmmm, if this is true, it is wrong

Because he very well could have got an early copy from some small video game store.

I love you Rockstar, I really do, but you scare me when you put your foot down SO hard on people getting your games early.

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The story is too old to be commented.