1st 10 minutes of Red Dead redemption

And here it is! Personally, this has been my most anticipated title released this month. The game started a little slow, but picks up rather nicely. I Have not had a chance to try out the Multiplayer yet, but think that it will be a blast. I don’t know what else to say about this game that hasn’t already been said in some form or another, so just watch and enjoy.

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cpuchess2987d ago

I would love to see it but I am going to wait...

ChampIDC2987d ago

Ditto. Even if it's not really going to show anything that I don't already know, I'll wait a few more days.

The_Count2987d ago

I really want to watch this but I'll wait. If anyone has pure gameplay without spoilers however I would indulge :P

ChampIDC2987d ago

Heck yes. I could go for a few more gameplay montages.

YoungKiller252987d ago

its the opening sequence/cut-scene then the guy riding on a horse i encourage people to watch it it shows of the setting more than story there aren't any spoilers to the actual story, WATCH IT!!

bjornbear2987d ago

i'll see 10 minutes of mucking about in the open world or online, but story gets locked down until I experience it.

Cevapi882987d ago

WMP??.....really, of all the media players, they go with WMP..../facepalm

Chubear2987d ago

anyone have an alt source?

aygie2987d ago

No spoilers, quite boring actually and the guy really doesn't know his controls lol

Gargamel2987d ago

well when you first turn on a game and play it for the very first time, Like is what I did with this, Took it out of the box, Put it in a capped the Video, You wouldnt know all the controls either..

RedDevils2986d ago

is this a pirated version you're playing? :P

YoungKiller252987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

its Really cool watch it

psman0122987d ago

Me too. I JUST pre-ordered it a few minutes ago :D

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Inside_out2987d ago

RDR good very well be a serious threat for GOTY award...Cay one for me...Multi-player the big thing for me...

May is looking sweet...Alan Wake is finally here...gonna have to trade some games in this month...AW looks INCREDIBLE as well...

hassi942987d ago

It's obvious why, you said that Alan Wake looks incredible. That's not allowed on these forums apparently...

chase1672987d ago

Red Dead Redemption is to slow for me thank god i got to demo the full game i just save $60

El_Colombiano2987d ago

Trolling fail demo doesn't exist.

comp_ali2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

He Downloaded the .iso of the X360 version then burned it to the disc and played for free.

Gun_Senshi2987d ago

its been on torrents for quite some time for x360 -.-

divideby02987d ago

yea...just watched some of it on

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The story is too old to be commented.