Analysts: Wii To Outsell PS3 By 4:1 In June

Ahead of the July 23rd release of June sales figures from NPD, Wedbush Morgan and fantasy video game prediction market simExchange have released their predictions, calling for at least a 4 to 1 outselling of the Wii compared with the PS3.

Wedbush's Michael Pachter has said he expects sales in June to rise 8 percent to $480 million from 2006's $444 million. The estimate calls for $325 million in sales of new platforms (PS3, Wii, 360, PSP and DS) and current generation software sales of 155 million.

Looking specifically at the PS2, Pachter says he expects software sales of $125 million, down just 19% over last year, with a continuing "strong slate of mass-market titles" released over the past two months.

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CrazzyMan4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I reeally don`t know for how long ps3 with 499$ price would outsell Wii, but for now it outsells.
Also, most must play games are not yet released on ps3. :)

masterg4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Yeah... I also seem to remember Xbox fans saying the PS3 would not hold the first place for more than a day or two on Amazon.

Guess what. It's still dominating.

Just noticed it was Michael Pachter who said it. Then you know it can't come true.

unsunghero284168d ago

I think in all fairness to Nintendo, the problem can be largely attributed to a complete lack of Wii stock actually available on

I also think that the PS3 $499's amazing selling could be much more than a soon-to-end trend, but seeing as Sony discontinued that model the holiday season is still very much open to any console champion.

69gone4168d ago

the wii sucks, you're all a bunch of pansies

lesbiansonyfan-girl4168d ago

Oh yea, 4 on 1, thats my kinda action.

WilliamRLBaker4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

amazon sales dont incompass the world wide sales only one site, and we are not even sure if such place in the sales ratings includes every sale of every country or just the sales to NA.
allso guess which system is in 2nd;)

oh and not all xbox fans said it would last only 2 days but if the 40 gig and 80 gig price tag reductions turn out untrue i can gurantee as soon as 60 gig is phased out sales will drop back down to lower then the 700% increase if not sooner.

unsunghero284168d ago

Sorry, but am I the only one that's sane around here?

"the wii sucks, you're all a bunch of pansies" Agrees 7, Disagrees 3

"amazon sales dont incompass the world wide sales only one site, and we are not even sure if such place in the sales ratings includes every sale of every country or just the sales to NA.
allso guess which system is in 2nd;)" Agrees 1, Disagrees 5

Has anyone else noticed how obscenely biased (apparently against reasonable statement) that everyone is???

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NewScratch4168d ago

"breakfast cereal is outselling ps3 150k to 1 and should keep up the pace until spring of 2010" - experts

unsunghero284168d ago

But the fact that you have 4 agrees and 1 disagree is a perfect example of why N4G is going to sh*t...

kspraydad4168d ago

until July 23 to not give a rats ass...

Oh..and this is JUNE sales...has nothing to do with a PS3 price cut.

risk4168d ago

srsly...who pays these analysts? i want in some of that action, oh yeah ps3 going to rebounnd in july because of the price cut...i say sony sells 3million consoles! <_<

Bloodmask4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Bash the Wii all you want. Nintendo is doing good things this generation. Getting people who have never played games to play them.

They will expand the market. If anything they saved the industry from becoming stale and crashing.

Nintendo did the exact same thing back in the day, when they saved a dying industry from Atari.

candystop4168d ago

I must admitt I use to knock the Wii but in all honesty it really deserves some props for it's excellent progess this generation! This has to do with bad Karma or something and it's good to see the Wii and even 360 put Sony and it's fans in check this generation!

Synex4168d ago

Uh..What? This generation has just started, how can you say Sony and their fans were put "In Check" so early?

Bazookajoe_834168d ago

but for a gamer the wii is kind of embaracing with low graf games and haveing nothing except there 3 famous franchise. I they would at least have put in capacity of the 360 it would be a good console for gamers two, not just children and first time players...

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