1UP: Alan Wake DLC "The Signal" coming on July 27th

The first Alan Wake DLC pack has been titled "The Signal" and is set for release on the 27th of July and can be redeemed for free with the token included with the game.

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AliTheBrit192959d ago


Very clever of Publishers to include the token with the game, I'm sure it cuts back on renting and buying second hand games - To a degree.

Honest_gamer2959d ago

i had NO idea there was a token behind the game (was to exited to play the game to read the manual haha) that’s ace free DLC along with an AMAZING game is instant win i think activision should start doing this!

pr0digyZA2959d ago

Hmmm i thought token was only with Limited edition.

Inside_out2959d ago

ALL first time buyers get the free token...

mittwaffen2959d ago

ODST+Teken 6+GTA (Trade 3) for free Alan wake at gamestop ;)!

pr0digyZA2959d ago

uh if you paid for those games then it wasn't free.

mittwaffen2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I just traded in my beer coasters; way to argue over stupid shit.

Nothings free in the world if you look at it like that; If traded the games in just for credit i'd get like 30-35 bucks, and with Alan Wake ($71.06) was the value for trading in all three towards it.

Need a Tampax?

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