E4G: Lost Planet 2 Review

Dusan Pavlovic at E4G writes "Lost Planet was a title that had its fair share of problems but it managed to get an audience and set the stage for potentially great sequels. Sadly Lost Planet 2 fails to deliver a memorable experience though it's a package that might satisfy on some basic level."

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dardinkay2808d ago

To be honest...not a big fan of this game.

NobleRed2808d ago

I've played the multiplayer demo and the character moved damn slow. Like a mech or something.

The whole series is overrated espacially the first one but the second title is just pure crap.

Don't even consider to buy the ps3 port because you would support crapcom lazyness.

dardinkay2808d ago

*Thinks of Bayonetta*...yeah no way would I ever buy a port for the PS3 from capcom again.