Microsoft Hiring Designers for New Xbox 360 Console Motherboard

GFB writes: "With rumors swirling around the interwebs for the past few months regarding a new "slim" Xbox 360, it looks like there is some new evidence to keep the blades of the rumor mill churning. Job postings sited on Microsoft's career site showing openings for engineers to "cut costs" and "prolong" the 360's life."

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deadreckoning6662957d ago

Yes! So happy I waited to get a 360!

vgn242957d ago

Why does this guy have disagrees for stating that he waited to purchase a console? He didn't say anything negative.

klado2957d ago

Xbox is a negative word lol.

charlescox42957d ago

Because this site is packed with fanboys and the open zone is gone. Now the fanboys are confused and lashing out. ;)

bootsielon2957d ago

Because at the rate he defends Xbox, you'd think he had an Xbox already. Perhaps it wouldn't be his first? ;)

EvilBlackCat2957d ago

Who cares about disagrees? Fmck them

think about

whatever you comment is going to get some so fnck it

before i leave a comment i dont think "mmm will the mayority of this loyalists disagree with me on this?" aaahhhh fnck agree and disagree

Whats the point on the disagree and agree feature?

IN MY opinion they (MS Xbox) need to make sure 1st that this new guy (motherboard designer) is not a xtreme ps3 loyalist fanboy before they put him to work.

HungPHAT2957d ago

That's because N4G is all MS fanboys clicking disagree like a 2 year old throwing his cerel for attention

PRHB HYBRiiD2957d ago

cause ng4 is full of fanboys specially ps3 FB. if you disagree with me u have a mangina thanks :)

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eagle212957d ago

So all this time, Deadreckoning666 hasn't even owned a 360? Man, explain yourself! LOL

kaveti66162957d ago

Maybe he was just defending the product from what he perceived to be irrational product loyalism.

A: I have a PS3.
B: I don't have a 360
Therefore, the PS3 is the best thing ever and the 360 is poo.

duplissi2957d ago

as far as i know any xbox made since like jan 09 should be just fine as far as reliability is concerned. i gon mine in june of last year, the red resident evil one to be exact.

vhero2957d ago

New motherboard??? Seems RROD isn't dead afterall otherwise a complete redesign wouldn't be needed IMO.. I seriously doubt this is for a slimmer model as slim models are usually designed to reduce price but 360 is the cheapest of the 3 consoles right now (the arcade edition) and its gonna get cheaper as the hardware gets cheaper. Hell MS could release at £100 and probably break even on the console and just make money on games like when the console was first released.. So leads me to believe a redesign is needed more than wanted..

ThanatosDMC2956d ago

They'll need a gigantic heatsink and a ton of exhaust. I mean, the jet engine is not enough to get all the heat out.

For those getting a 360, i highly recommend getting Dead Rising as your first game.

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vgn242957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I wonder if this will in fact result in the reliable machine they originally planned. Also I would think built-in wifi would be something to look for. They already added HDMI, so wifi is the next logical addition.

Should be interesting.

*Edit*: I forgot about Natal. I hope the next board has Natal and wifi built in. That would help them market against Move. Who knows.

vhero2957d ago

NATAL built in?? Hell no its too big to build into the console plus it tilts you can't exactly tilt the console can you?

-Alpha2957d ago

Hopefully if I RRod with my Elite I can get one of these new motherboard designs.

I keep fearing what will happen 3 years time when my Warranty expires.

Double Toasted2957d ago

Can't wait until E3, its going to be awesome. Surprises upon more surprises. Its approaching...

charlescox42957d ago

Should be big for everyone regardless of what your favorite console is.

booni32957d ago

They probably wont change to much. that would alienate gamers who already bought one. :/
probably to dock the red ring issues.

charlescox42957d ago

The various PS3 SKUs (aka models) don't alienate each of the gamer types who bought the different versions. It'll play the same games. Why would adding wifi or making a Natal model alienate those who own current versions?

FragMnTagM2957d ago

Sony is omniscient and omnipotent and does no wrong.

waltercross2957d ago

Nice for you guys to take his comment way out of porportion.
He did not say adding a Wifi would alienate users.
and if They do a Natal Version that'll for sure increase that SKU's price and would only be Intended to sell to people who don't already have a 360.

Besides, The Arcade doesn't have a HD, That's kind of Alienating some Isn't it?

kaveti66162957d ago

Well some of the PS3 SKUs have some major differences. The older models that have PS2 compatibility are worth more.

Cueil2957d ago

it wouldn't be the first time a major revision had some software issues... didn't he PS2 slim have some problems with a few games?

GunShotEddy2957d ago

Stick a fork in the ps3. Just kidding

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