Racism in Online Gaming: What's the Next Step?

Racism in online gaming is a huge problem these days and its getting worse. Gamers have sunk to new lows with some of the derogatory terms they use for each other. Although there are steps in place to punish offenders, more needs to be done. Goozneration asks what could game publishers and developers do to combat this issue? What can gamers themselves do to be part of the solution?

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vgn242841d ago

Sadly the anonymity that online gaming offers will always feed those who like to lash out in anger behind virtual walls.

hamoor2841d ago

racism is everywhere
In the internet
In online games
All those "KEYBOARD WARRIORS" who trash talking people while they hiding behind the tv
People not trash talking because they are bad,they trash talking because they can
But you don't see those same people doing the same in real life

Tony P2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I don't see it as racism. A bunch of ignorant kids don't really understand what it is to truly hate.

And I think that's the problem.

Nicholas Cage2841d ago

throw them on the jerry springer show.

HighDefinition2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Welcome to Planet Earth anything they/we can do to divide us, we will. It`s the most basic PsyWar tactic called Divide and Conquer you will find many many mediums of this through out the foundation of society. Borders, Race, Religion are all made to create the illusion that were not the same at our core. The Media is used to reinforce this to you daily to you, that`s why the news is ALL violence. Think about it, the more seperation you can create the more misunderstanding and chaos will ensue.

rosebowl232841d ago

The next step is to grow some balls and stop crying about everything. Why are people so weak these days? Everything is racist! Everyone is a bigot! Wahh wahh, get a freakin' life!

JAMurida2841d ago

Though I will agree racism is pretty annoying to deal with while doing something you enjoy like online gaming, there is always the mute feature.

I'm black and I can recall a few games were I could say something simple as, "Hey (insert random guy's gamertag], there is a guy coming around the corner to you.) Then I would get the usual response of, "STFU you n*******" Then of course, since he doesn't want to hear what I was trying to tell him, he dies and we lose the game. But I've learned that it's pointless to even bother with asking why people act a certain way and just better to mute them when it comes to online gaming.

I'm not racist one bit. I grew up around multi cultures (black, white, hispanic, indain, asian, etc...) I live in the south and I have YET to have someone approach me trying to talk some racist nonsense but online? A whole different story. I'm not trying to act e-thug or anything like that but it will always come down to person A is behind the mic in Texas and person B lives in Ohio and people will talk all the mess they want since it's "over the mic online". Then again... there is always the mute feature.

Bereaver2841d ago

I'm so getting tired of it in gaming.

I've been playing League of Legends, and people won't stop blurting the N word out left and right.

I mean, honestly, I'm white, and this is annoying because not everyone is a racist. But when other people, start using racism, I get put in the direct line of fire.

Consoldtobots2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

all that nonsense is about as racist as Ali calling Frazier a gorilla.
Was he doing it to be racist? thats ridiculous since the man is black himself.
Was he doing it to get under his skin and gain a psychological advantage?
you betcha and for the most part that's what goes on online. Doesn't mean it's right, doesn't mean it's wrong, just means it's there so deal with it.

Like the guy above me said, people need to grow a thicker skin, but then again it's awfully convenient to find offense in the things people do. The day people realize you can't and SHOULDN'T try to control peoples thoughts or expressions is the day we will see and end to legislative tyranny like we do now.

Noam Chomsky the famous leftist professor said it best. "If we don't believe in freedom of speech for those we despise then we don't believe in it for anyone".

tplarkin72841d ago

Trash talk is common among young men. It's isn't always meant to be taken seriously or literally.

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JimmyJames702841d ago

That's true to a certain extent. But you can see their gamertag and you can report abusive behavior.

roblef2841d ago

I'm not sure if that actually does anything but fuel their anger. They'll probably just be more of an ass next time.

Arsenic132841d ago

When ever I face a racist idiot online I go off on them, because 98% of the time they are incredibly stupid and can't argue without repeating my last said thing, and resorting to names.

masterofpwnage2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

dont mind i think its funny when two guys fight and be racist

get a disagree for saying it doesnt bother me.
Honesty is just videogames. no need to get offended

Neo6042841d ago Show
Titanz2841d ago

(Being a black man) I can't tolerate people with lack of knowledge and history to realise that racism was something Blacks,Jews and Native people had to endure in the past.

By you saying its "funny" goes against everything my people and other people strive to fight against.

Letros2841d ago

They're not fighting very hard when they still use a certain derogatory term in the "music" they produce. Kids today listen to a lot of rap and become very comfortable expressing such a word without guilt, especially in an anonymous environment.

asdr3wsfas2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

"Kids today listen to a lot of rap and become very comfortable expressing such a word without guilt, especially in an anonymous environment."

On xbox live most of them don't soften the r. Believe it or not, that's a different word.

Did you just put music in quotes? You're a piece of work.

UnSelf2841d ago

it isnt funny at all.

I am too of the same ethnic background and me being a researcher of human relationships with other cultures, its been noted that this kind of extreme racism exist here in the states and is more prevalent here than anywhere else in the world.

I just met this really cool german girl in ny, and she said racism is almost non-existant out there or at least from what she witnessed personally

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2841d ago

The more powerful a nations peoples feel, the less they feel the need to respect other nations. Hitler had everyone convinced Germany was the greatest nation in existance so people didn't see why they should respect others. A lot of Americans nowadays think because they are American they are untouchable and all powerful. Same principle as why its OK for us to kill and eat animals. They're percieved to be below us.

jmare2841d ago

Animals are below humans. It is morally repugnant to be a vegetarian and try to convince others to be one as well.

asdr3wsfas2841d ago

The Hitler examples goes against your argument. He convinced Germany because they had severe economic problems after WW1 paying off debt imposed in treaties. The Jewish people did well and they were a scapegoat. They did not feel powerful and that is why Hitler was able to convince them.

GAM3R7l2841d ago

A girl from GERMANY told you racism was "non-existent" there? LOL...the irony is astounding.

Solidus187-SCMilk2840d ago

Im american and white and I hate everyone equal.

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bjornbear2841d ago

it will never die, but it can be done more tastefully (comedian's, comedy cartoons, etc)

the problem i think is when people use it without control, like kids, having no IDEA of the impact the words they say may have on a person.

Cueil2841d ago

They do and that's why they say it... it's meant to incite anger. It's a natural response when someone wishes an upper hand... it works very well in a fight to. Nothing is easier then beating the crap out of someone who has lost their mind to anger. That being said I don't think it's right to allow this kind of attitude to continue and everyone should report it. On the other hand I don't see why people continue to allow a WORD to effect them in such a way.

SixZeroFour2841d ago

i agree with cueil...most of them use it cause they know it phases them and they get some kind of amusement out of getting other ppl angry at them (mostly cause they know that online, there isnt anything that can happen to them behind that mic) everyone knows that those same ppl arent foolish enough to use it in public in a face to face confrontation

the mute button and ignoring them is the easiest and fastest you know how stupid it makes someone look to the rest of the ppl when they are the only ones yelling, while everyone is just ignoring them and carrying on as if he was invisible

DaTruth2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

A youth in my area kicked a guy to death and got off 1yr time served because his girlfriend testified that the old guy called him a n____.

The courts actually recognize the extreme hurtfulness of that particular word towards black people.

Verbal slinging racism isn't even that bad, but behind the scenes racism is worse. You can literally be denied tons of opportunities due to quiet racism and there is nothing you can do about it. Words from some idiot rarely hurt, but loss of opportunity really hurts!

bjornbear2841d ago

they use it as a cheap blow, but i was taking to consideration the people that AREN'T aware of what they are saying, just spewing stupidity and cuss words because thats the cool thing to do

but nonetheless i agree,a big majority do use it to effect the other person.

Solidus187-SCMilk2840d ago

I can understand people being offended but there are other problems you should be worried about if random online people are able to hurt your feelings soo badly.

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The real killer2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Even black man call them self if you mean what i trying to say.
I hate racism, but those fools has no idea we all the same type people in Earth, only our skin/language and culture are differend

jmare2841d ago

Racism isn't funny. I'm talking about real racism, the deep hatred that rises out of fear and ignorance of those that are different from you. Bullshit racism, slinging racial slurs around, is funny especially with black people because the irony of "The "N" Word" is unbelievable. Ignorance built on a foundation of ignorance and then it is carried on by the very people it was meant to disparage.

So again, racism = not funny.

Racial slurs = funny.

Consoldtobots2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

rightttt because black people aren't racist. rolls eyes..

buddy I've seen more racist comments thrown at me by black people than I ever have from any other group of people. Does it make my experience unique? probably. Does it mean black people take advantage of their victim status when some of them are just as bad as the "racists" they complain about. ABSOLUTELY

I remember one time I ran into Al Sharpton in the lobby of a midtown NY building while we were waiting for the elevator. I'm a man who FEARS NO ONE and stared him directly in the face. No expression, no reaction on my part, I just looked at the man and didn't flinch only to watch his expression melt into a disgusting face of contempt for someone that obviously wasn't impressed by his persona. To me that's the reaction of someone who knows he's a charlatan and opportunist. The bottomline is racism is an industry and those who feed into it are the ones that keep snake-oil salesman like him wearing $900 suits when they haven't done a hard days work in their life. I don't even wear $900 suits (maybe my ancestors should have been slaves so I could make a living off it).

Tony P2841d ago

...I'm pretty sure staring at a stranger like a weirdo reveals more about the gazer than his subject.

baker_boi2840d ago

And you stared at him THE WHOLE WHILE you were waitin on the elevator did you expect him to not have a look of disgust on his face?

He was prolly thinkin "What the hell is wrong with this white dude?"

Just like, I or any body else, black or white would react. That was just fricken creepy home boy.

lol and you not fearing anyone has nothing to do with staring down Al Sharpton like some psycho. Don't NO BODY fear Al Sharpton. He's the guy you call when the police whoop yo ass for nothin, not the guy you call when you want to start a fight.

He's an old man anyway. Hopefully a big young buck as "strong" as yourself wouldn't fear that? I'd be more afraid of Jesse the Body or Dick Chaney(with a shotty) than Al "King Cadillac" Sharpton.

lol the hell wrong wit you.

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