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Lusogamer published Split/Second Velocity Review.

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Antan2838d ago

I quite enjoyed the demo. It's just a pity RDR is about to land.

DelbertGrady2838d ago

True. Lots of great games dropping lately. RDR, Modnation Racers, Alan Wake etc. Great arcade racers are hard to come by though. I'm going to pick this up later. Really enjoyed the demo. It feels like Burnout Paradise mixed with Ridge Racer.

viperfx2838d ago

Im sorry but reading a long wall of text about how the game is so amazing and has such detail graphics with a few pictures stuck in for good measure just does not appeal.
IGN has got it right with their video reviews, usually from their videos i can tell weather i want to try/buy the game or not.
When i see this i just think : TLTR

xabmol2838d ago

7.5 seems about right.

killyourfm2838d ago

I'm currently reviewing it, and if you're thinking 7.5 based on the demo, then it's definitely a 9.0. Demo didn't do the various tracks, traps, and insane survival mode any justice.

BannedForNineYears2838d ago

So, the question is.
This? Or Modnation Racers?
I think we all know the answer. =P

saint_john_paul_ii2838d ago

i would get both. But Modnation racers has unlimited re-playability due to Track and character creation.

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