Why You Should Buy Red Dead Redemption

RockStar, Known for making one of the best games ever Grand Theft Auto(my opinion) is trying there hand at a cowboy game which is called Red Dead Redemption.If your mind has not already been made up for this game then im going to solve it for you.

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DaTruth2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Weird, I was just wondering if I should buy RDR and came looking for reviews and previews. First thing I see is "Why you should buy RDR".

Wildlife was one thing missing from all the GTA games. They should have at least had dogs and police dogs, but in parks they should have varied it up. In Canada we have police on horses, I don't know about the states. Shooting a cop off a horse and riding it around in GTA would have been phat!

deadreckoning6662864d ago

Thanks, but no thanks. I wouldn't buy RDR if it got an 11/10 in a every review. The Wildwest theme isn't for me.

e3kehoe2864d ago

Why bother posting/ reading about it

poindat2864d ago

Unfortunate, but understandable. I think for me, it is the opposite: it's been such a long time since there has been a decent wild west themed game, let alone with this much freedom, exploration, and detail. Just the fact that it is based in the wild west makes me excited for it. I'm always looking for new worlds to explore (which is why I absolutely love open-world games), and this is certainly something new for me.

You should at least rent the game though. You never know, despite your dislike towards the general theme, the gameplay could end up grabbing you.

deadreckoning6662864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

@e3- I wanted to give my opinion. Mine wasn't positive or negative. It was adverse...hence, an adverse opinion, an opinion stating that I don't care. Look it up when u get a chance :)

@poindat- Well, I agree that the gameplay may grab me but I'd rather hold out till Rockstar makes a game that matches(or surpasses) the fun, versatility, and freedom of GTA: San Andreas, hopefully Agent will do this. Not saying RDR is bad, but a modern setting would give me more options(tanks, planes, modern weapons, boats, jets, cars)

Nolando2864d ago

the reason i will buy it is because it seems to be a western done right!... for people who like westerns ;)

i cant wait, alan wake and red dead for me this month WOOOT!

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booni32864d ago

i think it'll be pretty good, just wish i could afford it .

Cevapi882864d ago

i remember the same articles that did the exact same thing for gta IV....remember one of them being realism, and now it seems to have become a con in the about just letting gamers decide if they want it or not...everyone has their own personal taste and some will find RDR more fun and engaging than others...

MGRogue20172864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I have already bought it.. It just isn't in the store for me to pick up & buy lol

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Colonel-Killzone2864d ago

If I'm interested then I will buy it plain and simple and I believe that should be the reason gamers buy their games in general if its whether they like it or not. I like what I see so I'm gonna rent it then buy it. I believe thats the best way to do things.

Alcohog2864d ago

Wow. That was terribly written lol...

xtremexx2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

i know lol but im 13 and im not great at english :(

by the way i own the website lol

poindat2864d ago

You know, normally I would say that you should mature before becoming involved in such matters... but damn, the best I could do at 13 was make a Xanga profile, haha. Props to you for the effort.

Rucury2864d ago

It's weird. I feel the need to say "You're 13? Get out." but what comes out is "I'm 15. Good job."

Keep doing what you are doing, I guess.

bjornbear2864d ago

at 13 i played with web design and failed...

then again, i was 13 almost a decade ago, the tools were worst, but still, good job =)

still, work on them writing skills!

divideby02864d ago

Replayability and Value are why you should buy this game IF you like these open types of games..

Doc Sony2864d ago

I'm gonna buy this to do my part and add to the amount it sold on the PS3, probably won't even play it.


What kind of ''player'' do that?

R_aVe_N2864d ago

lol I think I have done that in some way. I have bought games and still haven't gotten around to playing them, but that was not the reason i bought them. Still funny though 8)

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