Video: Singularity's age-defying destruction

Joystiq Richard Mitchell write:

"We've known about the ability to age and "revert" objects and people in Singularity for a while. It acts as a way to destroy cover, rebuild broken bridges and age enemy soldiers into dust. We wondered before why reverting soldiers didn't turn them into babies, and now we know why: It actually turns them into an exploding pile of goo. Okay, so you can also revert enemies into a raging, feral beast but, come on, exploding pile of goo.

Singularity will be released next month."

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madpuppy2837d ago

talking about this game, The concept is great and the gameplay videos look really fun, breathtaking even!

Man, back in the day Raven was the best, Heretic, Hexen, Soldier of Fortune all the Star wars games and Quake 4.

I am definitely going to give Raven a chance with their own new IP.