Alpha Protocol Final Build Hands On (GamingBolt)

GB writes: "So a few days ago we got our hands on a near final version of Alpha Protocol from SEGA via E-express Interactive, and we are very pleased to announce that it is shaping up to be a pretty solid action role playing game. I will try and keep the story elements hidden as much as I can since I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. "

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Valay2984d ago

This is coming out in a little over two weeks I believe.

uzair212984d ago

Alpha Protocol is a rip off of Mass Effect 2

masterofpwnage2984d ago

they are different in many ways.

imo this is more of a rpg then mass effect 2.

gameseveryday2984d ago

Alpha Protocol places more emphasis on dialogue selection and heavy customization of weapons. No way its similar to Mass Effect.

foxxy2983d ago

Mass effect sucks feel better?

GUCommander2983d ago

Very cool. can't wait for this game!