New Fallout: New Vegas screenshots

Three new screenshots of Bethesda/Obsidian's upcoming Fallout: New Vegas, released via German site Gamersglobal

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hamoor2805d ago

i wonder why no one complained about fallout new vegas because it use the same engine as fallout 3
But if it was an exclusive game to either the 360 or ps3 it will flamed to death

Legosz2805d ago

Atleast this time around they said they will be fixing the PS3 version to make it as good as the 360 version because they are finally getting "used" to the PS3.

ASSASSYN 36o2805d ago

Plenty of people have been complaining about fallout Vegas using the same engine. Look beyond the limited scope of

iamgoatman2805d ago

I've complained about the engine numerous times. As much as I love games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 that use the gamebryo engine, the engine still sucks none the less.

Ocelot5252805d ago

it's not just the engine, 70% of the props are exactly the same

and where the hell are the shadows?

kaveti66162805d ago

I have also complained about the engine numerous times. I will definitely love Fallout New Vegas, I think and hope. The amount of content and that is in the game and the amount of time I will spend playing it is worth the 65 dollars. However, I feel upset that neither Bethesda nor Obsidian are making new engines. Obsidian actually doesn't ever work with its own property, so I don't really care for them.

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tdrules2805d ago

the only thing I remember about No Mutants Allowed was they would flame Fallout 3 for being so different to FO1/2, then when release came they produced articles about FO3 that would give them loads of hits.

Captain Tuttle2805d ago

The super mutant's face looks pretty good. I'm also glad to see they brought the 'ol "lip straps" back...a little shout out to fans of the originals.

k2d2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Fugly use of beret :(

Plancy2805d ago

That is all that matters to me :).

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The story is too old to be commented.