Alan Wake vs. Uncharted 2 Graphical Comparison Video

Yes, Alan Wake is a good looking game. But is it good enough to compare to this generation's benchmark: Uncharted 2? The answer seems pretty clear and it's ? by a landslide.

High Resolution Below.


Sorry for the confusion High Res. Video is at site only.

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THC CELL2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

My god i dont even have to watch the vid and i can tell you a winner


No xbox game has topped Uncharted 1 yet in the GFX department

jahcure2652d ago

That comparison wasn't even fair.........

Tempist2652d ago

Yeah it's not a fair assement when it's in game vs in game plus pre-rendered video.

Alan wake looks good, but it's not uncharted 2 good.

presto7172652d ago

so we can all laugh at him

piroh2652d ago

Graphical King vs Alan Wake?

Rush2652d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows2652d ago

Wow, that's DEFINITELY an HD video.

That's the best way to make a low resolution game look better; compare it to a great looking game that actually plays in HD, but subject it to terrible video quality.

talltony2652d ago

"You’re comparing a 540p game, which uses darkness and fog to cover its flaws, has screen tearing and frame rate drops, to a 720p game which has better animation, no tearing, no frame rate drops and absolutely no darkness and fog to ease the pressure on the engine"

inveni02652d ago


Actually, I was watching my 5-year old play Uncharted 2 yesterday on his little 27" SDTV, and I was like, "Wow...this game looks sooooo good." I think Uncharted 2 holds up pretty well in standard def.

As for Alan Wake--> The game definitely holds its own. It's not really fair to show it vs. Uncharted 2, particularly because Uncharted 2 is bright and colorful, and you can see what's going on. I think that Alan Wake is too dark (at least in these shots) to even qualify for a graphics comparison. I would like to see more AW gameplay in daylight. In this nighttime stuff, all you can really critique is the lighting system--which is awesome--but you can't see much of the textures and model quality until the cutscenes...which use different models (unlike Uncharted 2, which uses Drake's 80,000 poly model in-game, too).

[fill in the blank] vs. Uncharted 2 is just unfair right now. But I'm excited to see what Sony has to show at E3. I'm sure something will come along and take the crown (probably Uncharted 3).

Rush2652d ago Show
aaronisbla2652d ago

figured some troll would come in and spout " bu,bu,but pc games look better!!" no sh!t sherlock, notice how this was a comparison with 2 of the best from each hardcore gaming console, and take your crap somewhere else Rush

DarkTower8052651d ago

The way fanboys have touted the graphics of AW, they deserve to be shown the raw truth. And like others have already pointed out, UC2 is natively 720p, and this video is clearly SD, so while the makers of the video were clearly trying to downplay UC2 graphics while making AW look better it still didn't work lol.

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xTruthx2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

You should put the HD video, y would you put the sd version on a game comparison xD. This isn't a good comparison tho(IMO), its just clips of both games, instead of just taking screenshots of similar situations on both games and doing an analysis on them. Even tho the winer is clear but yeah :/

theEnemy2652d ago

he used an SD version because the "other game" is only available on SD.


Chris_TC2652d ago

Click the Youtube video, it's got a 720p version to choose from.

BYE2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Read the article...there's a link to the HD version of the video.

hamoor2652d ago

come on uc2 is better but you guys make this comparison like between crysis and pong
Alan wake is still a good looking game,but no where near uc2

drdistracto7072652d ago

Why were they comparing Alan Wake cutscenes to UC2?

Wake's cutscenes arent even in game, they even said they used higher resolution textures and models in the cutscenes

JsonHenry2652d ago

They both look damn good to me. But then again this is SD video..

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Inside_out2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I would love to see a " REAL " comparison of in game footage...UC2 does look very does AW...This doesn't show anything...This looks like it was made by a 12 yr old...In game with the ORIGINAL musical scores...LOL...I own UC2...will OWN AW in a couple of days...If I made a vid like this...I'd throw a couple of Gears moments at the end for good measure...LMFAO....

AW releases this wk....This video a

Biggest2651d ago

How did they make a HD trailer for a game that isn't HD?

M_Prime2651d ago

sucks to be you.. I was able to get the collectors edition early.. and i played the first Chapter.. its pretty awsome, and it is looking like i will play this through twice, need to explore, just getting the tip of the iceberg..

if u don't belive look up my gamertag (M9 Prime) i have gamerscore for it.. and in the special edition the book is awsome..

however i what i don't like about the BONUS disk is that i can watch every cutscene in the game, at least the major ones. so i am leaving that alone until i finish the game.

AngryTypingGuy2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I would give the win to UC2, but Alan Wake looks better than 95% of games we've seen so far. Hypothetically speaking, assuming everything else is equal, a game that is bright and vibrant in color will always look more visually appealing than a game that is dark. But that's just the nature of the game though, A.W. is supposed to be dark.

The one part of the video that impressed me most on A.W.'s part is the part where Alan was running in the lumbar yard next to the looked amazing. As a whole though, UC2 looks better - the part that showed the potted plants shaking when the main character was hanging on the ledge looked incredible.

And Cez of Rage above me, you are right - the video quality could be better. Maybe could do a comparison that does them both justice.

AngryTypingGuy2652d ago

Ten disagrees so far, interesting. So you guys think that Alan Wake looks better?

juniordee2652d ago

People on N4G usually stop reading after the first 5 words or so.

"I would give the win to UC2, but Alan Wake"

There's your answer.

awesomeperson2651d ago

I personally loved the gritty look of Killzone 2, even though it was dark. It really captured the dirtiness of war.

Personally I think bright, vibrant games are harder to make look good then darker games as there really needs to be a good atmosphere.

Just imagine K2 with a bright U2 style atmosphere, it would look bad in my opinion.

Different games suit different colour schemes.

So, why dosen't someone compare K2 to AW as both dark games?

Rock Bottom2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

"a game that is bright and vibrant in color will always look more visually appealing than a game that is dark. But that's just the nature of the game though, A.W. is supposed to be dark"

No! AW, while dark still looked much better than most games this gen, Killzone 2 while mostly dark, still looked much better any console shooter released so far!

If bright and vibrant is supposed to make a game look better, then how come the dark parts of Alan Wake look much better than those that are set during the day?!!

AngryTypingGuy2650d ago

Rock Bottom, way to take what I said out of context. Did you not read the "Hypothetically speaking, assuming everything else is equal..." before my statement?

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karl2652d ago


are u crazy?
better resolution and AA wont make a game look better than ps3 exclusives

u wont get more polygons nor better better effects... the only PC game that i can think of that looks better than kz3 U2 and gow3 its the obvious one CRYSIS

amogrr2652d ago

You comes...from the future?

Montrealien2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

you are correct Karl, no other games look better then KZ2 UC or GoW atm, I completely agree. You are correct good sir, it's one of the reasons I always show those games off to non gamers, they simply look amazing.

Here is the problem though, when it comes to making great games, it is not all that matters.

tmt3452652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Higher FPS (60 fps+ is amazing), 16x AA, 1080p+, higher res textures, tessellations (these are jaw dropping... HUGE potential and used in DX11 games), 16x anisotropic filtering, and other settings make almost any big budget pc game in the past couple years look better than any console game

Get over it, its called running on hardware from 2005/2006/2001.

If the PS3 was that powerful all of its games would scream on 1080p and 60 fps just like GOWIII was supposed to have been. The RE5 developer I remember said that many developers are going to be leading on PC more and more because the technology gap between consoles and PC is just too big and compelling for developers.

karl2651d ago

im not talking great games but great graphics ...

and i wouldnt dare to say the ps3 is more powerful than a current gaming pc

still most pc games are on the three platforms, that means that all that pc power is wasted because games are made to run in the pc ps3 and xbox360

if games were on pc only (like crysis)u could say that not only ress and AA would be higher but also polygon count and the tech would be the kind that is not possible on consoles...

and while pc version is dragged down to consoles level, ps3 has exclusives that are made especially for the system.

then again.. pc is the more powerful but u wont see games anymore better than the best looking ps3 exclusives, even crysis has gone multiplatform now

and even though u guys have the best ress and the best AA ... etc..