It’s all about give and take… But mostly take!

I’m going to start by asking how long you’ve had your PS3, launch? Good. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The PS3 launched in the UK in March 2007 with the ability to play games, watch movies and video, play music, and view photos and that was about it! The store was basic and run on html and you were lucky to get one item a week! There were about 20 games available at launch with only Motorstorm, Resistance 2 and Formula one: CE looking like anything worth buying (for me at least). Back in those days there wasn’t much reason for buying a PS3 and looking at the price, you’d have to be crazy! However, people did (me included, after launch admittedly) and loved every minute of it! However, once you were past the awe of the first batch of games there wasn’t really much to justify your purchase.


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vhero2987d ago

Somebody finally had to shut these people up all they care about is getting money back and complaining most of the people who complained probably didn't own a PS3 and just said it to take a shot at PS3 anyway.

poindat2987d ago

Indeed. A lot of the people who moan about the removal of Other OS seem to not only support, but encourage Hotz in his work. I don't get it -- sure he's attempting to rectify an issue (by creating shoddy work-arounds that may not even work), but people forget that the whole issue with the Other OS removal is due in a large part to him and his arrogance.

People just want to find any way to blame Sony for problems when they completely ignore the true sources. Even when Sony does all of us a huge favor such as creating the trophy system or making PSN free, gamers still manage to find a way to complain about these FREE services that Sony is in no way obligated to provide us with.

Other OS is just a wake up call, proof that gamers shouldn't receive everything on a silver platter, especially when those same gamers contribute nothing to anything in the industry rather than a mass flood of complaining.

My take on this: gamers need to man up and accept that they are not the center of the gaming universe. I feel that, with the current state of the gaming community, gamers take this hobby for granted, and forget that they are not entitled to anything. Everybody needs a wake up call, as Other OS was.

This goes for the entire industry, by the way, I'm sure there are plenty of similar examples that fit in with Microsoft, Nintendo, and the PC industry.

Anon19742987d ago

The ability to play DivX was one of the biggest upgrades and changed my PS3 from a game console to a media console. Now, with the help of MKV2VOB I enjoy all my shows in hi-def on my PS3 and even added a second PS3 to my other TV to use for it's media playback abilities (and the occasional online game of Modern Warfare when friends come over). Upscaling was also a big plus. Oh, and the update supporting DolbyHD was nice. My home theater system wasn't new enough to handle this but with my PS3 doing decoding duties everything sounds fantastic!


In every hobbyst community, the most avid fans think they are entitled to anything.

The Wii showed the hardcore crowd how they aren't the biggest part of the market, by far. We can not like it from where we stand, but looking to the whole indutry, many new lines had been marked on the ground, for bad and for good. We know next consoles will give us controller options, as we also know publishers will learn that casula market has it's place, but they aren't avid buyers as we are, which means better support to everyone.

The 360 showed the insdustry no one is so high that it's can't be taken down, giving Sony a good run for it's money so far, and gamers could have learned that some competition is good for us too, sadly many just ignored this part, but they benefitted from PS3 now costing 299 or from 360 accessories lowering in price.

Piracy have been a concern to the industry much more than it was for the costumer so far, so we just ignore it as ''not our problem''. PC gaming decreased a lot in support thanks for it, as could any platform, so it always were our problem too. Sony decided it was time for some people understand they are not entitled to anything, giving pirates the finger. It messed with us legal gamers for those who expected homebrew, but any grown up would be blaming hackers for it, the entire homebrew thing for PS3 could have been developed in Yellow Dog Linux in first place, instead the system was abused. The so called homebrew developers as GeoHotz screwed the homebrew crowd, not Sony, who the only thing they made was close the door to piracy, the homebrew community wasn't taking advantage of Linux anyway. PS3 is no PS2, it can't afford to leak industry's money or the support would be smaller within the time, if anything, Sony protected the consumer in the long run.

As for people intending to use PS3 as a Linux PC, don't update, you still have your PC - like 99% of the PS3 made servers. You'll get a PS3 offline as a bonus. Just don't expect to run newer and future games flawless, as many updates enhance stability and general software compatibility, also some games on the future may require the console to be in some newer FW version. You can't have both Linux and updated PS3, crying won't help, just look at what is worth for you and do it.

wicko2987d ago

It's sort of wrong though, particularly the part where their actions aren't illegal because its stated in the EULA. I don't know whether or not what they did was illegal, personally I don't care because I never had any plans to install Linux on my PS3, but a EULA can't bend the law. You could write whatever you want in the EULA and even if the user agrees with it, it can't be enforced if it breaks the law. So, just because it says they may remove functionality in their EULA doesn't make it legal (if it were illegal).

And I also disagree that if PS3's security features were broken and people were able to play pirated games on it that developers would think twice. 360 piracy is pretty significant yet we haven't seen any lack of development for that platform (aside from exclusives but that's because MS doesn't have nearly as many 1st party devs as Sony).

However I completely agree with the main point of this article. People need to stop bitching and getting sue happy over OtherOS. Yeah, it might suck for a few people but I think they've more than made up for it with all the improvements and additional features we've seen. Not to mention keeping PSN free for everyone and supporting the platform with awesome 1st party titles. Developers are starting to take the platform much more seriously and that is quite a comeback from 3 years ago when the PS3 was a distant 3rd place.

JAMurida2987d ago

Agreed, I still think people take it way too seriously about Sony removing the other OS feature. But just as the guy said in the article,

"So there you have it everything that has been added to the PS3 since it’s European launch, pretty good don’t you think? The best thing is you didn’t pay for any of it and it may be my eyes but I only see one removal! So next time your moaning/suing over the OtherOS removal, just take a minute and think! Do you moan when stuff is added?"

PCnPS3Gamer2987d ago

ive had my 60gig since november and ill admit times were stressful at first but tbh id rather have no games and limited features from the start of the gate, then have my console scratching game discs melting them, over heating on a 50% scale. ps2's are so cheap if you for some f'd up reason feel like ud rather play a ps2 game then play heavy rain, gow 3, killzone 2, uncharted 1, 2, little big planet, resistance fall of man, gow collection,and so on so many good games coming for the ps3, and theres still p[eople that complain about the removal of backwards compatibility...when its clear as day that you the customers who refused to buy the launch 60gb are the ones to blame for the the removal of b/c. the slim has no b/c or other os yet its destroying the launch 60gb in sales and popularity. you selfish little brats cant always get your cake and eat it too. you want a price cut but you want sony to keep everything. well to bad thats not how things work. you want a cheaper ps3 you better be ready to get less..."you get what you pay for saying fits nicely. also sony did alot of consumer research before they decided to remove b/c, there research results told them that majority of consumers would rather a price cut then keep b/c....think about it whiners, ps2 cost 100 bucks, minus b/c from ps3 you take 100 bucks off the price tag its that didnt take anything away you did because you decided to be cheap bastards and not buy the premium ps3.look at the sales figures from launch you'll notice that consumers highly favored the ps3s with less features and quality....also wanna know something funny before i even knew sony was taking away other os i was reformating my hdd to get back the 10 gb space i partitioned for my ydl if you have 1400 gaming pc right beside your ps3 both hooked up to a 40in 1080p tv why use ydl you cant do anything with it unless your hardcore at computers which im not....DONT BLAME SONY BLAME THE MAJORITY OF CONSUMERS WHO RATHER HAVE A PRICE CUT THEN HAVE B/C AND OTHER OS,IRONICALLY FUNNY THING IS SOME OF YOU THAT COMPLAIN ARE ONE OF THOSE ABOVE PEOPLE..END RANT/WHINER PWNAGE.....

alittle more on topic good article by the way, also sorry if i type to much im typing on my 40in tv and its in 1080p so to me it doesnt look like much but to you on a pc moniter its alot lol....its a good time to be a gamer this generation

Cevapi882987d ago

uhhh i really dont see devs thinking too much about putting games on the 360 even though the system and its games are pirated constantly....RDR i have heard is up on torrent sites already and games like SC Conviction and Mass Effect are console exclusive to the 360 yet they are 3rd party developers...i know that MS makes business deals with these companies, but if the price is right then the devs will overlook the pirating of their IPs

PCnPS3Gamer2987d ago

well sonys not like microsoft. they put money into exclusives , not bribing developers to develop for their system which has piracy. so from what I gather your basically saying it would be all right if sony let their console get pirated like ms then just use money used for making exclusives to bribe what a gamer right there/s

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

And I'm not sure to download a game like Uncharted 2, MGS4, Killzone 2, GoW 3, Heavy Rain and a lot more exclusives.

Those have a lot more than 10GBs of space.

Besides the Blu ray discs.

Cevapi882987d ago

wow way to misunderstand...where in there did i mention sony?? i was talking about developers...the article brings up how if sony was hacked developers would think twice about publishing their games on the PS3 yet you see 3rd party console exclusives on the 360 due to business deals and games are frequently pirated on the console...devs wouldnt leave the PS3 if it got hacked...there is still money to be made....why dont you go read the article and then put my comment into context and not just assume im writing something pointless

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Colonel-Killzone2987d ago

Those were the good old days. Thats why I appreciate the firmware updates sony gives us because now that I think about it I can't believe I played online without all those damn features lol.

Emmettcelticfan2987d ago

back at launch the ps3 experience was very basic in terms of online and a limited variety of games to choose from, i remember connecting to the network and firing up my first ever online multiplayer game, the network was very basic, but it got the job done and i was glued to resistance 1 from then on, getting more and more used to the online gaming, the amount of features that have been added is insanely large. despite this the most fun i have ever had with my PS3 is in the early gaming days of the generation learning the new online experience. I enjoyed my PS3 from the minute I opened the box

xYLeinen2987d ago

Excellent article. Couldn't agree more with you!

FarEastOrient2987d ago

What is up with the disagree?

GrooveChampion2987d ago

You could agree more with the article. :)

RedDevils2987d ago

who care about the disagree is about the people who disagree with you in the comment

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Is just disagrees.

Those kind of people don't want to to admit you are right, the author of the article is right, that is why they don't reply you. Instead of that, disagree.

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paradigmfellow2987d ago

I know this will still not calm the but holes that are complaining about this. I hate it when they say "it is about the principle." To those I say SHUT THE F UP. YOU GUYS BOUGHT A PS3 FOR PRIMARLY GAMING RIGHT? If you want developers to stop making games for the PS3 because they can pirate it then you are stupid. Now seriously enjoy everything that sony has added to the ps3 since launch.

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