The most incredible Special / Limited / Collector's Edition releases on PS3 and Xbox360 (Part Three)

NotiziePs3 create a list of the most incredible limited edition. This is the third part

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FarEastOrient2956d ago

I've always been a lemming for buying collectors editions especially when they are releasing good stuff. My standard bearer has always been Working Designs and their games, if the product beats that you know I'll be getting one.

Ones on my list pending right now is Starcraft II, Peace Walker, and Fallout: New Vegas.

I think Halo Reach will get cheaper after release since they make so many to began with.

SaiyanFury2955d ago

@ FarEastOrient

I'm giving you a bubble just for mentioning Working Designs. One of my all time favourite PS localizers as well as SEGA CD, Saturn and so on. Good call. I still love my Lunar box sets. :)

SweetIvy2956d ago

I always try to buy them and as time passes special editions are ever more special and well done.

My favourites lately have been Bioshock 2 (fantastic), Alan Wake (very cool idea!!) and God of War Trilogy (love the Pandora box).

I love when they include the soundtracks as they grow better and better just as the games themselves!

I truly hope they'll do some AMAZING SE/gadget for LBP 2!!!!!

Cueil2956d ago

I can't wait to get my Alan Wake in two days... the limited ed got all kinds of awesome tweets on the Euro launch

booni32956d ago

i also love SEs. the picture is Record of Agarest War which i heard was rather mediocre but anyway, i had the gears of war special edition, i have blazeblue and dmc4 SE which come with dvds/blurays which i thought was really nice. I was disappointed when i saw that bayonetta wasnt getting an american but you know how that is. Here is to bigger better and more extravagant special editions in the future.

Demons Souls2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I like collectors editions but I would never buy one for a garbage game like Record of Agarest War. Compile Hearts makes crappy niche games. They're trying to be like Nippon Ichi but they can't because Nippon Ichi can make good games.

Theonik2956d ago

But can almost never find them here and the ones that make it here are too pricey.

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