ThumbPad - Impressions on the Halo Reach Beta

Halo is a franchise with more fan boys and haters than just about any other in the history of video games. Since its Xbox launching title Halo: Combat Evolved, the franchise has produced two successful sequels in Halo2 and Halo 3, a spinoff RTS game in Halo Wars and a bridging chapter in Halo 3: ODST. On the back of so much critical success, developers Bungie are heading once more into the breach for their Halo swansong. Halo: Reach acts as a prequel to the original xbox classic and thanks to Bungie's relentless pursuit of quality, players who have purchased Halo 3:ODST have now had a few days to get their hands on the multiplayer beta test of the new Halo title.

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