Medal of Honor (ALL) - New Screens & Trailer

Medal of Honor, an all-new first-person shooter game, will introduce the Tier 1 Operator: a relatively unknown entity directly under the National Command Authority who takes on missions no one else can handle. The development team has been working closely with Tier 1 Operators from the US Special Operations Community since the earliest stages of development to create the most authentic modern war experience. Inspired by real events, Medal of Honor reveals the mission of today’s most elite soldier – his will, his mindset and his uncompromising professionalism.Medal of Honor is being built with a best-in-class single-player campaign. The Medal of Honor development team at EALA has been hand-selected by the studio leadership of General Manager Sean Decker, Executive Producer Greg Goodrich and Senior Creative Director Rich Farrelly.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

This will compete directly to BFBC2.

Crappy MW2 is not even worth to mention.

EDIT: By the way, the same Developers from BFBC2 (DICE) are working in the Multiplayer of MoH, so, yeah, the Multiplayer will be awesome at the new MoH.

KiRBY30002869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

i find it a bit disturbing to know that DICE is working on new maps for an upcoming game while i want new maps for the game i bought 2 month ago (BFBC2).

and no, new game modes arent new maps. conquest mode available for this map, rush mode available for that map... thats cool but im starting to believe thats all we will ever get.

i hope DICE will prove me wrong.

peeps2868d ago

well in general when a developer finishes work on a game they get to work on the next with the possibility of supporting the last game.

i mean take treyarch and waw/black ops. i'm pretty sure work started on black ops soon after waw and yet waw had like 3 map packs!

BattleAxe2869d ago

Its cool that DICE is comming out with Co-op for BC2. Outside of Killzone, Resistance, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Far Cry and maybe the new Medal of Honor, what competes with Modern Warfare 2 as far as FPS games go? MW2 is a good game, stop the hate. Every game has its flaws.

BYE2869d ago

Yes, the true war FPS returns!

Call of Duty is pretty much dead in the water.

SKCShifty2869d ago

What is this sh*t how many links do i have to click and since when did BLOGS get approved?

belal2869d ago

when there are over 200k people playing mw2 online each day, i don't concider that crappy and broke. mw2 is still number one in many peoples eyes. me personally, i think it's okay, but i like killzone 2, cod4 and BC2 more than mw2. right now im playing uncharted 2 online and singleplayer :)

ps. MGS FTW!

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