PSN gets 'Heartless' premiere

Philip Ridley's psychological horror film Heartless will appear on Sony's PlayStation Network video service alongside its cinematic release.

Users of PSN's Video Delivery Service will be able to rent an exclusive edition of the movie direct to their PS3 or PSP consoles.

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ChozenWoan2868d ago

I didn't think this would happen for a few years.

vhero2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

They did say asap I expected later this year not a few years... I wonder how long before this comes to UK.. Also I wonder why these are not coming to 360 also? I think its to do with HDMI version and security as it would be possible to record the 360 version you download but since PS3 has better encryption over HDMI having the more upto date version it's impossible to record? I think I read that somewhere about HDMI versions how they added security with HDMI 1.3.