New Red Dead Redemption screenshots

Rockstar published new screenshots from Red Dead Redemption showing the wildlife in the game. Check them out.

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Brewski0072985d ago

Man they look sweet. Cant wait to see the vast plains with the wildlife in HD. This game is gonna be huge.

Duder2985d ago

Now thats a huge bear!

Domer252985d ago

Loving it, just a couple of days now. I applaud R* for adding this element into the game. I can't wait to hunt a grizzly. See you guys on the frontier.

bjornbear2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

boss fight confirmed.

and hell yeah grizzly! one of natures most powerful killing machines! BRING IT ON! BEAR ROULETTE!

FragMnTagM2984d ago

They look good enough to scare the shit out of you when wandering around the plains. Can't wait, just a few more days.

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