Game Characters Done Right: Alyx Vance

It was a trap. The ruthless Combine soldiers have captured you before you could even start to bring their culture of oppression down. This is the end of your mission, and likely the end of your life. You hear gunshots and the sounds of a scuffle. You hear a voice. Are you being rescued? And then there she is, leaning down to help you up, the Combine soldiers lying dead or senseless nearby. Alyx Vance, computer expert, athlete, and revolutionary, smiles and helps you to your feet.

Alyx Vance is, in many ways, the truly ideal person.

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Redgehammer2983d ago

Alyx Vance is the Best most complete NPC I have ever had at my side in a game. The Half Life saga is fantastic, and it only got better with the addition of Alyx Vance. That being said all i want to know is WhereTF is Episode 3!!!