The end of the Wii era?

Nintendo's Wii is dead. OK, hyperbole check. It's still kicking mass-market butt, actually. But that's not going to last much longer. So allow me to rephrase: Nintendo's Wii will be dead by the end of this year.

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qface642934d ago

they have these same articles every year like every month actually and still nothing

i doubt the wii will be dead by the end of the year saying its dead is implying that its not going to sell at all anymore and we all know that isn't going to happen

it could sell less than the ps3 and 360 that doesn't mean its dead

HolyOrangeCows2933d ago

{Insert angry people with mario avatars here}

We all know the Wii isn't going anywhere. It's a shame that the Wii has had such an effect on the gaming market, but oh well.

{Insert angry people with mario avatars here}

qface642933d ago

technically speaking mines isn't really a mario avatar mario is just in it

Shnazzyone2933d ago

Why is it we keep seeing these articles especially in the same month that Mario Galaxy 2 and a month after Monster Hunter Tri? I mean what is there to hate about the system right now... seriously.

Venox20082933d ago

give me a break, will they just shut up for one day? it's unique system with tons of showelware, but it has games witch a more better than a lot of next gen games, seriously.. I like wii and I know what I play, not a bonsai barbers and other stuff, but metroid's, zeldas, mario's, madworld and other good say that it's the end of wii it's like to say, that it's end of the food :) :D

G4drake2933d ago

i guess wii had its moments, but its not dead yet.

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