Super Street Fighter IV Los Angeles event coverage.

Here's a look at Capcom's recent Super Street Fighter IV event, held in Los Angeles, California. A great night of that was almost perfect (someone had to go and steal a crew member's camera, laptop, etc.)

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John007guy2866d ago

That sucks that the guys stuff got stolen but awesome night n hopefully Capcom does it again

toaster2866d ago

OMG.. so much fail in the comments... nice 11 multiple accounts there buddy.

LordMarius2866d ago

haha, most of these people barely joined yesterday

Barbie64girl2866d ago

wow you got to meet daigo? very cool

GeorgeAnimal2866d ago

It is really a shame when someone has to go be an ass and do something like that. I hope Capcom gets their stuff back. :(

AzadFujishima2866d ago

If I hear nething I will post here. Nonetheless, glad you had fun.

RobinGB2866d ago

If it wasn't for really trying to get fit for the summer I would have gone. Next time Capcom!

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The story is too old to be commented.