I Hate This... (The Wii Song)

Inspired by scores of gamers who find that after a short time their Wii's work better as bookends than as a gaming platform, Sarcastic Gamer offers you this little ditty. Overcoming a total lack of rhythm wasn't easy.... but Sarcastic Gamer almost did it. Their flame suits are once again out of the closet as they prepare for the massive backlash from satisfied Wii-players. (You have to respect those guys.... They have MASSIVE right arms from playing so much Wii Tennis).

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Blankman4167d ago

then there's the mii's you can make wit ur wii's but they don't do anythin as far as i can see lol. Classic

risk4167d ago

LOL this song wins the internet.

PS-Wii-604167d ago

dood, i think your avatar just won N4G!

risk4167d ago

o rly? what do i get ;o

NTSC-J4167d ago

I own a Wii and this falls under the "Sad but true" category. I like Sarcastic Gamer because they take what every fanboy is thinking and say it without all the "Gaystation" and "Xbot" crap that goes along with it. They just make it funny. All 3 systems are far from perfect as we know...

bIadestar4167d ago

LOOOL this one way better then the ps3 and 360 one so funni

Mr VideoGames4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

haha i give that Video a 10/10 for Truth and 9/10 for the Funny Video if only Microsoft didn't have a Failure Rate on there Hands there would be no 360 Song the Xbox would be untouchable

AllroundGamer4167d ago

rofl this is the best anticonsole song ever :D i even put it in my mp3 archive :)

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The story is too old to be commented.