Latest English Screenshots for Trinity Universe

NIS America released today a lot of English screenshots of the much awaited Trinity Universe, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.


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ClownBelt2933d ago

Hahahaha...Man I cannot wait for this game. Can't believe I'm getting excited for this more than anything...

vhero2933d ago

Should be good still waiting on Atelier games though

MightyMark4272933d ago

I am just hoping that Trinity Universe won't suck like Cross Edge =/

ClownBelt2933d ago

The only thing I didn't like about Cross Edge is how the story progress. You need a guide to get the perfect ending. Oh and I also don't like the DLC. Most of it are cheats.

patterson2933d ago

I get stuck on the n4g clickout page. Anybody else getting this :(

young juice2933d ago

i have been running into people confusing 'to' with 'too' all day. its freakin pisses me of for some reason.

LiViNgLeGaCY2933d ago

Can't be any worse than confusing "off" for "of" right?

Godmars2902933d ago

Really have to wonder if they'll ever truly step up to current gen standards. Stop being high res PS2 games.

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