EA: A good idea taken a step too far

Andy Corrigan writes "A few weeks ago I had a pretty vague idea in my head for an article focusing on how I felt that EA had probably stumbled upon the perfect incentive to encourage their customers to purchase brand new copies of their games rather than resorting to cheaper pre-owned copies, of which they’ll never see a penny. Since that original idea formed in my supple brain, what was going to be a fairly positive take on a new idea has quickly turned into a horror story following some recent revelations, especially concerning the future of titles coming out of EA Sports Studios."

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secksi-killer2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

or, has everyone been focused on the new power (activision), and given them more leeway because they have made a few decent games of late??

i can see this becoming the norm! and once one publisher does it, they all will do it!

welcome back ea.. youve been missed!!!

Trey_4_life2960d ago

This was my reaction when i read what EA had planeed for their online games.......

VerbalKint272960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I'm really disappointed in it as you've probably read.

They were really onto something too.

RayWillmott2960d ago

Yea, EA looked as if they were finally turning around. Sneaky gits were planning this all along while they got back into our good books


BlackCountryBob2960d ago

I must say, i think the idea by EA is a really good idea and I have absolutely no problem with the principle of it.

Don't cheap out people, buy new games (unless you only play single player like myself, in which case great news as the cost of second hand EA games is about to drop considerably).

I don't think it is a sign of EA being 'evil', it is a sign of a company experimenting with new money making streams to balance its bottom line. it may work, it may not but at least they are looking at different ways of doing things.

VenGencE9992960d ago

Stop being an elitist and wake up mate. You don't get any cool points or brownie points for buying everything new. This is the real world. This a pasttime, a hobby for most. Most people have bills, other things that take precedent over gaming. Are you saying that if we can't afford to buy new we should just stop gaming? Pick up a new hobby? Maybe sewing or rock collecting? That sounds like fun to you?

Or maybe everybody should stop buying things used, because only the people that buy new are worthy to have such things. If you can't afford a new car then take the bus? Or walk? Can't afford a new house? Too bad live in a cardboard box? Just what are saying?

No. They are in the wrong on this and should be called out for it. Did you read the article? His idea by far makes the most sense for EVERYBODY. Target the retailer and make THEM pay the difference. Give them a small discount on new shipments, IDK, something other this consumer raping idea.../rant

rjgbyrne2960d ago

When we buy games we should be able to share them with our friends and family. We can do the same with CDs and most other forms of entertainment. TO be honest I can see this pushing loads more people into piracy and the games companies like EA, MS and any other developer playing this game is only making it worse. Don't give product to retailers that sell second hand games. I have never traded a game, I love to keep all my games and re-play them but I am being hobbled by the short sightedness of developers. Its will all end in a boycott of product for me. [email protected]$K you MS, EA and ACTIVISION. Sony can have my dollars until they do the same...

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The story is too old to be commented.