Apple Tell: Uphill Rush 2 Review

Apple Tell:

I don’t know how to feel about games such as Uphill Rush 2. The Flash version is available for free online play, but it’s not as if the $0.99 price tag here is a major jump from that. Obviously, you can’t play the Flash version on your iPhone, anyway. But considering the power of the iPhone, do you really want to spend your time playing Flash games? What would Steve think?

That’ll depend upon the game, I guess. In Uphill Rush 2, you get one that’s mostly a balancing act. You’re a guy or girl (customize your clothes!) on a moped, skateboard, convertible, etc. (customize your vehicle!) racing along a side-scrolling landscape (don’t customize your track!). It’s not often you see a side-scrolling racing game, but it makes sense here (this is, after all, a suped-up Line Runner). Uphill Rush 2 is just as much about collecting coins, performing tricks and staying upright as it is about racing.

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