Button Remap Petition For The Disabled

GJ: "The idea of controller button remapping is nothing new to the PC gaming community but it is far more uncommon on consoles. There is currently a petition (which I urge everyone to sign) that asks both game and hardware developers to allow for custom remapping of control schemes for the disabled in console games."

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asdr3wsfas2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

This link is probably the most meaningful on n4g. I remember when button remap options were standard on SNES.

farhad2k82865d ago

I agree, this can really help the disabled and also benefit the usual gamer, it is much more flexible than preset configurations.

bgrundman2865d ago

I am glad someone has finally broached this topic. It really is something that gets

neglicted in this console generation.

roblef2865d ago

Totally agree. Let's also all remember that we're all one accident/issue away from being "the disabled."

OGharryjoysticks2865d ago

What happens when the camera won't read the wheelchair or hunchback properly? Stay tuned...more petitions coming.

SprSynJn2865d ago

They'll probably petition to have Natal removed.

kube002865d ago

Cool, this is something many people could benefit from

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