Call of Duty: Black Ops – OXM Scans and Info

These are from the Official Xbox Magazine article that hit news stands today. We’ll summarize and quote what’s written in the article. Feel free to click on any image to enlarge and read word-for-word. *Note the MAC-10 in the above image*

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Gray-Fox2960d ago

Sounds like another generic cod :/

hamoor2960d ago

if they removed
Thermal scopes
Heart beat sensors
Lightwight and commando perks
And get back more hardcore like cod WaW was then i am sold
Oh and bring co-op and zombies mode with some improvment

Gray-Fox2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )


chisox1002960d ago

heart beat sensors and thermal scopes didn't exist in the 60s so unless they botch the history aspect of the game there wont be those thing.

hiredhelp2960d ago

Not Ever buying another dam cod again. i got earbashing to get mw2 witch was said to be sooo much better no lag no bugs .BS ACTIVISION. you penny pinching fools. cod4 4 was great at first but because of there small servers they couldnt cope with large number of fans .you would of thought when the other cods rolled out problem be sorted nope. cos they too botherd about making money. and silly prices on DLC.
ive played cod on pc's and cod 2 and 3 on 360. cod 4 and the rest on ps3.still sucks was best on pc.activision got greedy they lied to us. raised the price. for what cheaters exploiters. bad peer to peer cr*p. well no more for me .i much prefer bad company 2 get more enjoyment at least my bullets register majority of the time.

hamoor2960d ago

this is not mw2 anymore
They will make a beta
Also they will make dedicated servers for the pc version
Man you gotta love treyarch

Gray-Fox2960d ago

yeah... too bad their games suck :(

peeps2960d ago

It will be good, loads of people will buy it, soon after all the balance issues and glitches will be found out and a lot of people will stop playing.

I can see why COD always gets praise from reviews tbh, cus they are always good games when you play em at first. or even if ur a casual gamer who puts in the hours here and there. but when your the sorta guy reaching a days playtime in a few weeks after release all the glitches and balance issues in the multiplayer become aparent.

Chnswdchldrn2960d ago

I'm getting it. I got faith in treyarch.

It is their time to shine after Infinity Ward embarrassed themselves. I believe they are going to give the experience MW2 should have been.

Plus idc what anyone else thinks but zombie mode alone is a reason to get this cod imo

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The story is too old to be commented.