First day sales in Japan

First day sales data in Japan from Thursday have been released.

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-Mezzo-2805d ago

WOW, Soccer is doing great in Japan =]

Ziriux2805d ago

I'm kind of surprised, Karate is the sport over there.

Valay2805d ago

Actually those numbers are pretty bad. But the Inazuma Eleven series has done well in Japan.

Obama2805d ago

"Karate is the sport over there"

I hope you are just joking XD. Baseball is the sport there.

kingdavid2805d ago

LoL @ the 2 disagrees.

If any of you know anything about japan, its baseball>>>>>&g t;daylight>>>> soccer.

iceman062804d ago

I can tell you without doubt that baseball is the sport over there. They are as zealous with their baseball support as Euro soccer fans...minus the hooligans!*L* However, soccer is probably the most popular rising sport. For the last 8 years, their national team has done exceedingly well in the World Cups. World Cup success seems to tie directly to the uptake of the sport domestically.

Tomdc2805d ago

No Soccer is not doing great in Japan. Football is. We invented the game, we get to name it. END OF.

PS. I'm English.

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Valay2805d ago

Nothing too surprising for these sales this time around. Kind of quiet following Golden Week.

gumgum992805d ago

Everybody likes Soccer...

qface642805d ago

americans don't MLS is a joke and this is coming from a guy who dislikes soccer (sorta boring) but i don't deny its popularity

iceman062804d ago

MLS is only a joke to those that don't understand it's brand. No, they can't hold a candle to major leagues around the world. But, they are barely over 15 years old. In comparison, there are European and Latin clubs whose lineage can be tracked back as far as the late 1800's! MLS, and America in general, is playing catch-up in the world sport of football (soccer).