RUMOR: Star Wars Battlefront 3 leaked by Gamespy writes:

"I have a program called GsList that allows me to see the servers for every game run by GameSpy so I can basically see the lobbies for them. Like I used it to see what servers were online and how many players were in them for SWBF2.
I decided to check it out today and to my surprise I find this:"

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Government Cheese2991d ago


I obviously dont recommend downloading it because Im not even sure what it is exactly.

hybridtheory122991d ago

norton antivirus stopped me from going to that site so i dont think its good

DarkSpawnClone2991d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 3 would be a dream come true sadly i don't think so.all tho there has been evidence that suggests its being made,i will believe it when i see it,fingers crossed,i played this for years on ps2 and PC.

Government Cheese2991d ago

Yep, me too, in fact the first SWBF was the very first console game I played online, so the series always has a special place in my nerdy heart

DarkSpawnClone2991d ago

LOL same here,it actually started it all for me too i never hooked up my ps2 for a long time until i got swbf just one day decided whats this online stuff :P lol Then BOOOM! i was addicted and played hours and hours of battle front then battle front 2 come out and i just never stopped playing that until i got my ps3 and said my good byes,thats when warhawk took over for me,but i have been waiting for ever for Swbf3 i hope it actually dose come out,but like i said i will believe it when i see it.hurry up E3 :P a month couldn't be any longer then the wait before E3.

the-show-stopper2991d ago

i really hope this is true
i would love though if this was one of the surprises for e3
slim chance i know but i can hope

DarkSpawnClone2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

oops didn't mean to post any thing here,sorry.

NobleRed2991d ago

Slant six is the developer.

Government Cheese2990d ago

That was a different battlefront, battlefront online

MyUS_ARMY_CPTRespect2991d ago

Very Well, I want play SWBF3 for PS3 awesome I can't wait so Long...
I Known,.... u r 360 can't play Star Wars B3 with about 32ppl and 60play kind so lag it!! PS3 better system work without Lag. I saw trailers big map and lot multiplayer Go PS3 awesome.

I'm PS3 fan.

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The story is too old to be commented.