A Home Space Worth Looking At

Adam Shear of talks about one of the most impressive Playstation Home spaces he has ever seen

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sheardude2869d ago

It was just taken down because I saw some grammatical errors that needed to be changed and it needs to get accepted again. Don't know when it will be approved again but it should be shortly.

FACTUAL evidence2869d ago

This is crazy, i just logged in PS home today to see what they've changed since 09, and its HELLA different. The game launching feature is so freaking i was just in shock that i can launch almost EVERY game with multi-player, or some sort of co-op. Sony really needs to implement half of the home feature to the xmb. Like the game launching thing.

Home is a VERY HUGE step to Sony's success if you ask me, oh btw. Did anyone see how the new xmb thing is for home?? Sony should use that as a new GUI, and have those uuber home features...I swear that would be a Network worth paying for IMHO.

Chubear2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Look at what MS does with 360miis. You see them EVERYWHERE and you can't do anything with them compared to PSN HOME avatars.

Most people still think HOME's the same way it was a year ago.

I'd like to see Sony do a video that shows the evolution of HOME from day one through to day 90, to day 100, to day 150 etc etc right up to present day.

HOME is an outstanding accomplishment that needs to be touted. The gaming media aren't going to do it for you Sony, you need to push it yourself.

HOME a year from now will be insane let's not even talk about 3yrs from now or even HOME/PS4

sheardude2869d ago

I don't know how long its gonna take but if I do not make a comment updating the status of when the article will go back up, just wait until you see that comment that says the link works again.

WengYong2869d ago

Have to be a member to see?

sheardude2869d ago

Yes I am very aware of that. So happy it's at 100 degrees but sad because nobody can see it. I can't get in contact with the admin but I did send him an email and hopefully by tomorrow morning it will be up again. So sorry for the inconvenience. If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have left it alone.

ImagE2869d ago

i thought it was ok well for the most part.I think the bigger fans of LBP will enjoy it the most.

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