IGN: Split/Second Review

IGN writes: "In the end though, Split/Second has so much going for it that it's easy to recommend for kart and arcade racing fans alike. The visuals are great, the sound impresses, and there's enough game between the singleplayer season mode and fun multiplayer to last you quite a while. While there are flaws, these are more than made up for with strong design, and the power play mechanic brings the ever elusive addictive x-factor that so many games try and fail to capture. Even if racing games aren't typically your thing, Split/Second offers enough action and fun to recommend to everyone".

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ABizzel12956d ago

Yeah good score, I would have rated it little lower, I didn't like the driving. The cars felt too heavy like driving a semi. But other than that it's a good game, explosions and stuff wasn't as random as I was expecting, but it's a good game.

8.2 in my book.

viperfx2956d ago

That is kinda high score for a racing game. I played the demo, and to me the concept is really cool. But the release time for this game, along with games such as Blur( a week away) and Modnation racers (same day), people may choose to spend their money on those titles.
The full game does look alot better, but compared to the rest it looks like a normal racer.

badkolo2956d ago

this and blur really sparked my interest, blue is solid and this game seems to follow suit, these are aracde style games and hey they seem to fill that void well.

Montrealien2956d ago

I agree, I have split/second and it is a great game, and I will be getting blur day one. They are two completly different kinds of racers and compliment eachother very well on your shelf.

great score for a solid arcade racer with an original twist. But I would not expect anything less from the guys behind Crash n Burn.

Neoninja2956d ago

Not a bad score at all. I'm not sure if I want this one or blur. Either way my wallet is gonna be a little less heavy.

Jack-Pyro2956d ago

I loved both this and blur, and I can't really afford two racers at the moment (RDR comes out in a few days), so I'm gonna see how blur scores, and take it from there, at the moment, I'm leaning more towards blur.

OhMyGandhi2956d ago

I loved the demo, so will be picking this up soon.

SixTwoTwo2956d ago

I'll pick this up when it falls into my price range.

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The story is too old to be commented.