PlayStation Move Developer Diary: TV Superstars

Working on a game like TV Superstars has become a bigger, more interesting challenge than I first thought. I’ve worked on some oddball games before like MediEvil and Ghosthunter, and what was interesting about those games was the idea of creating little worlds that mixed humor with action. Likewise, the challenge with TV Superstars was to create an environment that finds humor in the world of fame and celebrity, one that players could experience and enjoy together (I like to think of the movie “Zoolander”). Now, add the fantastic new PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye into the mix, and we started to come up with some pretty creative ideas. A whole new generation of design challenges awaited us.

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whateva2808d ago

the only thing that I seen that I like about this game was how you can put your face in the game.

but I know I Nieces will love it. everything is not for everyone

TOO PAWNED2808d ago

very gay, screw move it is getting way too much attention, sad part is that guys said he worked on midevil and ghosthunter, ok where are sequels to those games? o wait we get queer game instead

eggbert2808d ago

has a sequel....

Anyways, i'm probably gonna get a move for my little sister. She'll probably like it since especially with LBP2 coming out. She really likes LBP, although she is horrible at it.

I have no idea what that video game was supposed to be though. It just looks like a bunch of mini-games. Hopefully Move/Natal aren't gonna be crammed with shovelware (which I think they will be).

Forbidden_Darkness2808d ago

The graphics look better then it did at GDC i think, not too much though...

RageAgainstTheMShine2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

... the games have no visual appeal like Nintendo games like Mario and Pokemon. To take it further the games look UGLY. Like that Eye Pet its more scary than cute.
Also Sony has no genuine intention of making games for younger gamers as one of its priorities. Sony's loss is Nintendo's big gains.
How can Sony ignore low budget games like New Super Mario Brother Wii sell and earn 100 times its development budget? That is totally crazy! They invest millions of dollars that don't really compel young gamers anymore.
Sony totally abandoned the demographic that made the PS1 & PS2 more than a commercial success.
Sony Japan and its Western developers really need to make games that appeal to young gamers & those young at heart.
Japanese designs + Western gaming technology means win. Example is Mario Brothers.