Gamer Limit Review: Monster Hunter Tri

Gamer Limit writes "While it lacks the features that modern gamers are used to, patience quickly yields an intimate understanding that immerses the player in combat."

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StartWars2991d ago

Looks good for a Wii game.

N4GAddict2991d ago

It is one of the best looking titles on the Wii IMO

Yuenanimous2991d ago

"for a Wii game" is a tricky phrase :)

overlordror2991d ago

This might actually make me fire up my Wii.

TheGameLlama2991d ago

And I might play with you!

N4GAddict2991d ago

Too bad it is not selling all that well in the US

Seferoth752991d ago

Best US opening the series ever had.. Too bad you fail at trolling

Shendow2991d ago

Worst game I played, an best looking Wii game? Yeah right, I think Super Mario G.2 will be the best looking one and it looks to be fun.

Quadrix2991d ago

Haven't played it yet, but all the load times look like they will ruin my ability to enjoy the overworld.

DangerCurtis2991d ago

Best game for the Wii so far. Feel like this review is a bit low.

themizarkshow2990d ago

It's a fantastic game, but it isn't going to be enjoyable for a lot of people. It should be maybe a point or so higher... but it doesn't feel that far off.

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