Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, first U.S. trailer revealed?

While some claim that this trailer is fake, Gamestop is hosting it on their website, lending a bit of credibility to the curious and short trailer.
The voice describing the Keyblade War is recognizable as Leonard Nimoy, who we can assume is playing Master Xehanort, the game's antagonist. Considering Disney and Kingdom Hearts' reputation for fantastic celebrity voice actors, the voice makes the trailer seems genuine.

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tunaks12865d ago

oh god why did they F up Xehanorts voice!
I hope this isnt real!

N4GAddict2865d ago

It is on GameStop so I dunno

Meryl2864d ago

does not sound that bad, try listening to vaan again that was the most irritating voice in SE history:(:(

Meryl2864d ago

I really want this, damm i'm so broke:(:(