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Remedy became famous for their work on third-person shooting franchise Max Payne and they have finally released their latest creation in the form of Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake. Taking parts of the Max Payne series, mostly the narrative, Remedy has stuck to what they do best and that is create an atmospheric experience that not many developers can rival. With captivating and believable characters, the story and premise of Alan Wake will appeal to hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and even non-gamers because the presentation keeps you on the edge of the seat the whole way through. If you were afraid of the dark before, then the experience Alan Wake delivers will make you even more scared. Those of us who know there are no creatures lurking in the shadows, well, Alan Wake may just make you give things a second glance over before shutting the lights off and turning in for the night.

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Leupac2990d ago

I'm so looking forward to playing this game when I get a chance.

VegaShinra2990d ago

Can't wait for Tuesday to finally arrive. This is an all niter

GameOn2990d ago

Think you can handle it?

VegaShinra2990d ago

If the game is that creepy I may be terrified all night but seeing the sunrise will be the greatest thing eva! Hahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.